5 Reasons to Be a Muddy Volunteer

March 2, 2017 0 By muckfestms

Thanks so much for your interest in volunteering at MuckFest® MS! Here are 5 reasons why YOU should be a muddy volunteer.

1. Get your hands on some free MuckFest MS swag!


When you volunteer at MuckFest MS, not only are you close to all the action without the risk of muddy hands, but you also get rewarded for your work! When you spend time with us creating a fun experience for our Muckers, you get to go home with a smile on your face, a free t-shirt, and a full belly. That’s because ALL volunteers get some fun perks throughout the day.

2. Make our Muckers experience unforgettable!


A critical role for a lot of our volunteers consists of being out by the fun-filled obstacles! That means helping our Big Balls swing for maximum fun or helping Muckers get ready to fly on our zip line. With you showing our Muckers the right way to tackle the course, they are guaranteed to have muddier fun all day long.

3. You’ll get to meet new (muddy) people!


There’s one thing that is sure to come out of your day of volunteering and that’s an array of new names, faces, and stories that our muddy Muckers will share. When you’re out on the course, you’ll be chatting with Muckers while they wait to take a leap, spin, or swing on one of our obstacles. And that means you’re sure to make some friends along the way. Year after year we have volunteers and participants that return to play in the mud and see their old friends!

4. Save money to play in the mud!


When you spend part of the day volunteering with us, you can spend the other half of your day playing in the mud like a true Mucker. With our volunteer Fun & Run package, you can take on the mud for just $25! That means you’ll get to cheer on Muckers and then play on the muddiest course of the day when you run in our last wave. Just make sure you take advantage of this deal before the day of the event, spaces fill up fast!

5. Become a certified cheerleader!


We know you have what it takes to yell, cheer, and shout. Now do all those things as you cheer on Muckers of all shapes and sizes while they run, hop, skip, jump, and flip while covered in mud. Our Muckers might be loud and proud, but our MuckFest MS volunteers are certified cheerleaders! Click the button below to register as a volunteer.