A Little Thing Called Muddy Love

A Little Thing Called Muddy Love

February 13, 2017 0 By muckfestms

On Valentine’s Day people celebrate their love in many ways and we want to take a moment to celebrate a special couple from Dallas that showed their love in the muddiest place we know, MuckFest® MS!

Long before the couple took on the mud and muck, they crossed paths in a local bookstore. Jalana was browsing the cooking section of the store as she wanted inspiration to finally become a good cook once and for all. She soon found herself engaged in conversation with Cisco and found out he was a head chef at a five-star restaurant. Just the inspiration she needed! He promised to give her a couple lessons in the kitchen and they soon fell fast in love.

Cisco not only became her cooking instructor, but also a part of her support system. The same month they met, Jalana was diagnosed with MS. Ultimately, their blossoming relationship helped distract her from her new challenges and Cisco helped remind her that her diagnosis was not what would define her for the rest of her life.

So, to show his support for Jalana, Cisco and Jalana’s father signed up for MuckFest MS Dallas. On the day of the event, Jalana and Cisco headed to our muddy playground with their families in tow. Cisco was excited to play in the muck to bring attention to those living with MS just like Jalana, but he was also excited for another reason!

After taking on the course, their whirlwind romance came to an unexpected turn when Cisco got down on one knee at the finish line and proposed to the woman he loves. It’s safe to say that Jalana was surprised, thrilled, and emotional by the muddy proposal. She of course said yes and got to share a muddy kiss with her new fiancé!


Now, the happy couple are expecting a little girl in 2017 and celebrating their new family on Valentine’s Day with a romantic five-star worthy restaurant dinner at home courtesy of chef Cisco. They are also excited to be able to participate in MuckFest MS again to celebrate their engagement as well as support everyone living with MS. We can’t wait to have them share another fun, muddy, and romantic day with us!