The Muddy Bucket List

The Muddy Bucket List

February 8, 2017 0 By muckfestms

While many Muckers do MuckFest® MS in order to have a great time with family and friends while supporting a cause near and dear to them, many others do it to prove that MS will never stop them from overcoming! And that’s exactly what Detroit Mucker, Deana, does with a big group of her closest friends. What makes this team so special? Every single one of the ladies on team Uber Fancy lives in a different state! The women all met while filming an MS related commercial in Los Angeles a couple years ago. After spending a week together at the shoot, they became fast friends and have all been extremely close since. They use MuckFest MS as a way to take a trip every year to re-connect and plan to get muddy in every single location at least once.

MuckFest MS: So, you and your team met a couple years ago at an MS related commercial shoot? Tell us a little more about that.

Deana: We did! Team Uber Fancy is made up of all the women living with MS that I met during the commercial shoot. We’re all very different, but became great friends!

MuckFest MS: How did you come up with the team name Uber Fancy?

Deana: Uber Fancy came from our experience in LA for the commercial. We often took Ubers to get around, which was a new experience for some of us, and at the shoot the song “Fancy” was playing so it became sort of the perfect name.


MuckFest MS: That’s awesome! How did you all find out about MuckFest MS?

Deana: I’ve done Walk MS before and had heard of MuckFest MS. We all thought it sounded like so much fun and a great thing for the group to do.

MuckFest MS: You all come from different areas of the country. How did you decide on a location?

Deana: We decided on Detroit for the first year because the date worked out for a bunch of us. We all traveled there with a couple of our spouses and friends and did the event! We made a whole weekend out of it and even crashed a wedding that weekend.

MuckFest MS: Amazing. Where did you muck it up in 2016?

Deana: This past year we looked at the dates as soon as they came out and decided on MuckFest MS Denver. I went early to sightsee with my husband and then all of us went whitewater rafting the day before MuckFest MS. So much fun!

MuckFest MS: Such a fun idea! What about 2017?

Deana: Maybe something on the east coast? We have to figure it out! Doing MuckFest MS is the perfect event for us to support the cause while traveling and being adventurous.

MuckFest MS: Tell us a little bit about how it helps cultivate a bonding experience for you and your friends.

Deana: MuckFest MS is a way for us to see each other again and show the world that MS isn’t slowing any of us down! That’s why we want to experience every event, so we can keep this tradition going.

MuckFest MS: So, besides the mud, MuckFest MS is a way for you to look forward to seeing your friends every year?

Deana: Yeah! We usually start out running, but end up walking, catching up on our lives, and just having fun while getting dirty.

MuckFest MS: Describe MuckFest MS in three words.

Deana: Muddy, Adventurous, Fun


MuckFest MS: Which obstacle is your favorite?

Deana: I like the first one, Triple Pits, because you get waist deep in mud and get to climb over the muddy hills. Perfect muddy start!

MuckFest MS: We can’t wait to see you and team Uber Fancy in 2017. Keep on muckin’!

Deana: I can’t wait for MuckFest MS to bring my friends from across the country together to see each other again!

We’re so lucky to have Deana and her amazing team joining us every year to conquer the mud and MS. When Deana’s not playing in the mud she likes to get donations for her team and share MuckFest MS content on social media so she can continue to grow her team.