Do You Have the Dream Team?

Do You Have the Dream Team?

February 3, 2017 1 By muckfestms

A MuckFest® MS team requires people who like to laugh, run, cheer, dance, and play. So, we’ve put together our perfect team!

The Mischievous One


There’s bound to be one of these on your team considering MuckFest MS is the FUN mud run. They usually like to toss mud at you and hoot and holler as they run from one obstacle to the next. You can find them pushing their teammates face first into the mud at the start line, knocking them into the pits of Big Balls, or leaving muddy hand prints on your face.

The Dancer


This teammate has a dedicated MuckFest MS playlist that they make the entire car listen to on the way to MuckFest MS to get pumped up. You can find them busting a move in the starting corral, on the course, and after the run when they challenge another team to a post-muck dance off competition.

The Cheerleader


This teammate might not be down to get dirty, but you can bet they’ll be cheering you on the whole time. You will probably find them enjoying a day in the sun as they watch all the fun from the sidelines, donating to your team’s fundraising goal as a virtual high five, or giving you tips on how to look awesome on an obstacle as they take photos of you creating your new profile picture.

The Athlete

full-sized-promo-121.jpgThis teammate might be a seasoned runner and avid gym goer. They like to go to events like MuckFest MS that require running, jumping, climbing, and using their muscles in new ways. You can find them doing pull ups on the AbbVie Spinner, giving a teammate a piggyback ride to the next obstacle, and challenging you to see who can finish the course the fastest.

The Partier


We know one thing is true, this team member came for a good time and probably the beer, too. This person will be dressed head to toe in a wacky costume and ready to take on the course. They’ll surely request their favorite song from our MC, refill their post-mud beer a couple times, and play every single game in the MuckFestival area while meeting other Muckers just like them.

Whether you have one or all of these dream team members, one thing is certain, it takes a variety of different people to build a team that will make your day in the mud a memory that you’ll cherish forever. So grab your friends and family and get ready to take a mud bath in 2017!