The Bride Made Me Do It

The Bride Made Me Do It

January 2, 2017 2 By muckfestms

Love always seems to be in the air at MuckFest® MS. In fact, muddy love has taken over! We’ve had couples meet each other at our events, we’ve had couples write us to say they fell in love at MuckFest MS, and we’ve had a handful of couples get engaged after playing in the mud. And if that wasn’t enough, we’ve even been featured on the best show for finding love on primetime television. But, all this time it seemed like one special life event was missing… until now. This year, in Boston, we got to add another mud love milestone to our event series. A bachelorette party!

Bride, Jan, has been participating in MuckFest MS Boston for the last four years. Her passion for 5Ks helped push her to sign up after hearing about the event on the radio. Jan recalls that the event sounded like fun because she had always wanted to do an obstacle course race and thought, “Why not?” She signed up and was thrilled to see that the event was helping raise funds and awareness for Multiple Sclerosis, too.

The first year, Jan took on the course with a couple of friends and ever since she has tried to recruit more and more people because she thinks, “It’s just SO much fun!” Fast forward to 2016 and Jan was hesitant to sign up. She was in the middle of wedding planning and wasn’t sure if her bridal shower or bachelorette party would fall on the same day that Puck was bringing the muck to the Boston area. But then, something special happened…

One of Jan’s bridesmaids, Lex, suggested that they use MuckFest MS as a part of Jan’s bachelorette party. For Lex, it seemed simple. She knew Jan loved doing 5Ks, she knew Jan loved participating in MuckFest MS, and she knew it was the perfect place to celebrate such an incredible milestone in Jan’s life because it was something that was so… her. Lex suggested that they make getting mucky a part of Jan’s bachelorette party.

“I thought it was a really great idea!” exclaims Jan, “I was excited that they would be willing to do a 5K for me. I’ve been doing all sorts of races for a while now, and while I always extended the invite to friends, I never pushed them to join me. So, when my bridesmaid, Lex, asked if that was how I wanted to start out my party, I immediately said yes and was so excited to be able to run again!”

And that’s exactly what they did! The women took on MuckFest MS Boston complete with team shirts that said “The Bride Made Me” to compliment Jan’s bride shirt. Jan recalls her bridesmaids being a little nervous about taking on the course, but they felt at ease once they arrived at the starting line, and began taking pre-muck photos with each other.

The ladies had a great time and enjoyed taking on some of Jan’s favorite obstacles like Swing Set, Flying Muckers, and The Abbvie Spinner. Jan cheered on her friends and helped them experience all the things she loves so much about MuckFest MS, especially getting into the #MudZone and getting covered in mud!

But a mud mask wasn’t the only spa treatment on the agenda for the day. After the race, Jan’s bridesmaids took her into Boston for a continued spa day. Massages, pedicures, and blow outs included! Once they were sure they were officially un-mucked, the ladies headed out for a night on the town. For Jan, “It was the best bachelorette party I could ask for!”

bride-7Jan tied the knot on June 11th, and while there was no mud at the ceremony, she made it clear that we will absolutely see her next year to get mucky all over again! “I know it can seem scary, but it’s such a fun event. It’s not all about competition, just having a team to run with makes it the best mucking time! I recommend everyone do it at least once – and after that, you’ll be hooked!” Wise words from a long-time Mucker… Jan is really excited to get her new husband hooked on MuckFest MS in 2017 now, too.