Crush the Course with these Training Tips from Crunch Gym

Crush the Course with these Training Tips from Crunch Gym

November 10, 2016 0 By muckfestms

While we believe the anyone can have fun at MuckFest® MS with no training required, it’s always a good idea to stretch your legs and buff up your mud throwing hand to make sure none of your teammates outrun you when you try to cover them in mud! That’s why our friends over at Crunch Gym Cerritos have put together some simple and easy training tips to make sure your body is ready for a day of laughs, spills, and thrills.

Fitness Manger, Broderick, suggests tackling training in three phases…

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Phase 1- Focus on Improving Conditioning Movements & Motivation 

Phase 2- Focus on Building Stamina & Work Capacity 

Phase 3- Focus on Maximizing Work Potential – “Pushing Past Your Comfort Zone” 


Phase 1- Learn to love lunges and squats! These body weight exercises create the most agility.

Phase 2- Learn to increase your stamina by completing more reps/rounds per workout routine. This will help you last longer as you make your way through the obstacles. 

Phase 3- Work on reaching a “best record” by focusing on doing one of the below workouts for a best total amount of rounds completed in the allotted time. This will help you understand how to get comfortable pushing yourself.   

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At Home Body Weight Circuit: 15 min

  • 5- Squat Thrusters
  • 5- Reverse Lunges with Knee-upper leg
  • 5- 180-degree jump squats
  • 5- Mountain Climbers per leg
  • 5- Push up position with knee tucks (to modify hold the push-up position for 45 sec)

Battle Rope Circuit: 15 min

  • 12- Double Waves
  • 12- Power Slams
  • 12- Lateral Shuffles with Alternating Waves (single arm movement)
  • 2- sled pushes

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Tips for the day before the event:

Nutrition: The day/night before the race focus on consuming more carbs than normal. This is known as carbloading before an event. Carbs will help keep your muscles fueled with glycogen. Your body utilizes glycogen as energy to fuel your muscle movements. A good source of carbs are sweet potatoes, brown rice, and pastas. 

Sleep: Get a good night’s rest before the event. Recommended is 7-8 hours. 

Hydration: I would recommend drinking a sum of 1.5 gallons the day before the race to begin the hydration process. You will perspire more than that during the race in the form of sweat. Dehydration causes muscle cramps and body fatigue. 

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Tips for the day of the event:

Nutrition: Depending on your race time, you do not want to consume a high amount of food 1-2 hours prior to the event. Breakfast should consist of proteins and minimum fats. Breakfast should have about 2 servings of fruits, preferably 2 servings of banana for potassium. 

Hydration: We recommend you consume around 12 oz. of a sports drink before the run. Sports drinks are fueled with electrolytes and dextrose sugar. Both of these components can be utilized for energy and also prevent muscle cramps. 

Stretch: You should spend at least 30 minutes static stretching before you take off. This will help get your muscles limber and flexible for the long course ahead. 

About Crunch Gym:


Crunch offers a diverse, inclusive culture for all types of people and all levels of fitness. They strive to encourage, empower, and entertain. They pride themselves on fusing fitness with fun and have a no judgment philosophy that welcomes all types of people to try out their approximately 20,000 square foot state of the art gym that offers personal fitness, group classes, and many other amenities. They have also been recognized as a leader in the fitness industry for over 25 years.