Puck’s Place to Play: So Cal

Puck’s Place to Play: So Cal

November 3, 2016 2 By muckfestms

MuckFest® MS So Cal is next weekend, so we had Puck put together a list of his favorite places to play when he’s not rolling around in the mud in Los Angeles for MuckFest MS!

Let yourself be a tourist for the day and check out one of the coolest landmarks in So Cal.


Need a fun way to train before MuckFest MS So Cal? Then strap on your hiking boots and take an adventure to the Hollywood Sign. There’s no better way to see this iconic sign than up close and personal, in Puck’s opinion! Pick from three different hiking paths starting at easy and going to difficult. If you decide to take the challenge of the steepest path, look out for Puck flying above and cheering you on!


Enjoy a hot meal after a long day in the mud at Puck’s favorite burger place!


If one thing is certain, it’s that Puck the Muck Duck loves eating delicious food. And like most westerners, Puck loves anything animal style from In-N-Out Burger! So, after you work up an appetite playing on obstacles and tossing mud at your teammates, head over to this burger joint for a much-needed reward. Just don’t forget to pick up a double-double for Puck!


Ever want to walk in the shoes of a movie star? Check out this famous local spot.


The Hollywood Walk of Fame is sure to be fun for everyone. This popular tourist spot will get you walking over a mile to see the names of famous actors, directors, musicians, and more. It’s one of Puck’s favorite stops after MuckFest MS, but we think that’s because he’s still looking for the star with his name on it!


Make sure you don’t touch anything with your muddy hands at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.


This museum is home to over 100,000 artifacts dating back from ancient times and dating up to this century. If you choose to stop by, you can find Puck making his way through the museum’s most notable installation called Urban Light. These 202 cast iron street lamps illuminate the area outside the museum and attract visitors from all over the world.


Check out this thrilling view of LA that may be even better than the top of Crash Landing.


OUE Skyspace LA Skyslide is an incredible way to see the city from the 70th But there’s a catch! The VERY best view the building offers is a glass slide that will let you zoom down to the 60th floor all while getting a new look at Los Angeles. This way you can truly see things from Puck’s perspective!