How to Become a MuckFest MS Instagram Star

How to Become a MuckFest MS Instagram Star

October 18, 2016 0 By muckfestms

Hey, MuckSquad Members:

You’ve probably noticed that your MuckFest® MS Instagram pictures generate tons of likes! That’s because there’s no better social media post than one where you’re covered head to toe in mud. That’s why we’ve created a MuckSquad pic wall for all of our Muckers to share their muddy moments with the world!

This social challenge could seriously improve your chances of winning some awesome MuckFest MS prizes! All you have to do is follow these two easy steps…

  1. Find your favorite MuckFest MS photo! This could be you zipping down Flying Muckers or covered in mud while laughing with your team.
  2. Post it to Instagram using hashtag #entry and also one of the following hashtags: #MuckFestMS #MuckFest #MudZone

And you’ve done it! You’re now a MuckSquad Instagram star!