5 Obstacles that get you into the #MudZone

October 3, 2016 1 By muckfestms

“You keep talking about getting into the #MudZone, but how do I know if I’ve reached mine?!” – Muckers everywhere.

So, you don’t know if you’ve reached your full #MudZone potential or not. We would tell you exactly what the #MudZone is, but there’s no single definition! So instead, here is a list of five obstacles that are sure to get you closer to your personal #MudZone!

Flying Muckers


Do you have a need for speed? Then this obstacle just might be the ticket to the #MudZone you’re looking for. Hold on tight as you zip across a pool of mucky water to the other side. Signs of entering your #MudZone: uncontrollable laughter, the need to attempt a mid-air backflip, and realizing you could pass as Tarzan for Halloween after the epic yell you made flying fast down the zip line.

Big Balls


You might find yourself nearing the #MudZone if while others start crawling under the Big Balls to avoid falling into the watery mud pits, you step up to the challenge and run through them at full speed. You might fall into the pits, but you laugh it off and climb back up to the huge swinging balls. Other signs of entering your #MudZone: once you make it to the other side, you run back to grab a Big Ball and try to knock your teammates into the mud pits!

Swing Set


If you’ve ever thought there should be playgrounds specifically for adults then this standing swing set might launch you into your #MudZone. Just hop up on a platform and rock yourself back and forth until you’re ready to jump! Signs you entered your #MudZone here: all you care about is getting as much air as possible, the belly flop you just did makes you laugh instead of cringe, and you’re unfazed when you lose your shoe to the mucky water.

The AbbVie Spinner


Grab a handle on this giant spinning obstacle and get ready to show your team your #MudZone moves. Signs of entering your #MudZone: you practice your acrobatic skills by hanging upside down, you feel dizzy, but that won’t stop you from going around again, and even though you fall off mid-spin, you still try to knock your teammates off into the mud bath below.

Crash Landing


Is your mom convinced you look identical to a movie star? Well then Crash Landing might be your moment in the spotlight. Take the leap into your #MudZone by pretending to be the star of your very own action movie. Proof of entering your #MudZone: when the volunteers count down from three, you scream “ACTION!” before jumping.

If you still haven’t entered your #MudZone after those five obstacles, then we suggest you find some mud and give one of your teammates a free mud mask. And if that doesn’t work, then grab a Traveler beer from the MuckFestival Area and join us again next year! We’ll be #MudZone ready; will you?