Puck’s Places to Play: San Francisco

Puck’s Places to Play: San Francisco

September 21, 2016 0 By muckfestms

With MuckFest® MS San Francisco coming up next weekend, we had our mascot, Puck the Muck Duck, put together a list of his favorite places to play when he’s not rolling around in the mud in the Bay Area!

Let yourself be a tourist for the day and check out San Francisco’s most crooked landmark.


Lombard Street is known as one of the most crooked streets in the world and also one of the must-see streets in the area. This winding one-block road will take you down eight sharp turns as you make your way from top to bottom. If you’re up for some pre-muck exercise, you can take the trek from bottom to top, but don’t expect Puck to join you. He’ll fly from overhead and cheer you on.


After a long day in the mud enjoy a hot meal in Chinatown.


You can guarantee you won’t get bored discovering all that San Francisco’s Chinatown has to offer. We know Puck doesn’t! And with it being the oldest and largest Chinatown in North America you can turn a trip here into a day of sampling delicious food.


You might recognize this iconic spot from the opening credits of a popular 80’s TV show.

painted ladies.PNG

This long strip of beautiful Victorian houses is painted with bright colors and known as the Painted Ladies. Not only have they been featured in numerous different media, they are best known for being featured in the opening credits for the popular show Full House. So take a drive in Alamo Square and take in the scene. You might even find Puck trying to find an orange one!


Check out the most vibrant view in the Bay Area.


The first thing many Muckers think of when someone says San Francisco is the Golden Gate Bridge! And rightfully so, this 4,200-foot-long bridge is an iconic part of the Bay Area and one of Puck’s favorite aerial views. No matter which side of the bridge you’re on, the scenic view is breathtaking and might even be better than the view from the top of Crash Landing! If you have an hour, Puck recommends taking a stroll across the bridge for a MuckFest MS warm up!


Thought you saw some nutty stuff at MuckFest MS? Head over to Fisherman’s Wharf.


While the Wharf is a big tourist stop, there is no better way to keep your team laughing than by sitting out by Pier 39 to watch the sea lions. These playful and sometimes noisy sunbathers lay out on the pier in groups and provide endless entertainment for onlookers. For Puck, these guys are his favorite partners in crime for drying out his wings after a nice dip in the bay.