7 Places at MuckFest MS to get your team the muddiest

7 Places at MuckFest MS to get your team the muddiest

September 19, 2016 0 By muckfestms

At MuckFest® MS, we pride ourselves on having unbelievable amounts of muck. That means there are more opportunities to get muddy than you could ever imagine. And with great mud comes great responsibility…to get your teammates covered from head to toe! Here are seven of the best places at MuckFest MS to accomplish this goal.

  1. Mucking Corral


The MuckFest MS starting line might just be the muddiest of them all! Our Mud Master will get you and your team covered in mud before you even get on the course. With pre-run games that involve giving strangers muddy hugs and diving into mud puddles, you can guarantee that the Mucking Corral is just the start to your mud filled day.

  1. Triple Pits


Make your way up and down our large mounds of mud. With each one even bigger than the last, you are sure to get covered in mud while climbing over these hills. Can’t make it over one? Look for a helping hand or just relax in one of the muddy pools in between your mountain treks.

  1. Big Balls


If you thought you’d get a break from the mud, you’d be wrong. Right after Triple Pits, you’ll encounter Big Balls. These nine swinging balls are likely to get you slipping and sliding in the mud until you get to the other side. But watch out, if you’re not careful they will most certainly knock you right into our pits of muck.

  1. Skid Mark


We like to make sure you get covered in mud from head to toe, so that means we have to have obstacles that get the job done from all angles. Skid Mark will get you on your back to pull yourself through a trench of muck and you won’t come up very clean.

  1. Belly Crawl


Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about your front side! As soon as you finish Skid Mark, you and your team will be crawling on all fours through a tunnel of muck because let’s face it, mo’ mud, mo’ fun.

  1. Finish line


It’s your team’s last stop on your journey through the muck, which means it’s your last chance to make sure you’re extra muddy for your finish line photos. So, don’t waste the opportunity to make sure you are your muckiest.

  1. MuckFestival, Refreshed by Traveler Beer


You finished the race, you showered off, and now it’s time for a refreshing Traveler beer! But wait, while you’re walking to the festival the thought of waiting another year to play in the mud makes you overcome with sadness… That means it’s the perfect time to find a fist full of muck and treat a teammate to one last mud mask!

You came, you conquered, and now you have to wait until next year to take on the mud and muck again. So, get your team and pile into the car and head home for that long hot shower you deserve. P.S. You might need more than one until you’re completely clean. Hey, we said playing in the mud was fun, not easy to get off every inch of your body.