Check out this SNEAK PEEK of photos from MuckFest® MS Chicago on September 10!

Don’t see a shot of you in your ‪#‎MudZone? A link to all participant photos will be shared later this week.


  1. Thank you Thank you Thank you for everything you do to make this event happen. After being diagnosed 5 years ago, I was sure that was it for me. I felt like my life was over forever. Now every year I look forward to taking on this course to shut this disease up. I work hard and fight to be able to come to MUCKFEST every year! I’ve inspired lots of family and friends to join in the fun to help fight for a cure. I Love Everything and I mean EVERYTHING about this day!!! Can’t wait until next year Chicago!!!

    • Tanya, we are SO very thankful to have you join us at Muckfest MS Chicago. The passion of Muckers like you keep our event constantly growing and supporting others living with MS. We cannot wait to have you join us next year to get even closer to a cure. Keep on muckin’.

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