Meet The Chicago Fundraising Guru

Meet The Chicago Fundraising Guru

September 6, 2016 1 By muckfestms

Mucker Molly Kramer is excited to take on MuckFest® MS Chicago this month! For Molly and her team, Molly’s Muckers, this will be their second year mucking it up in the Windy City. We had the opportunity to talk with Molly and she shared her story about how she got involved in playing in the mud for a cause.

Often referred to by Chapter members as a fundraising guru, Molly only started mucking it up for MS last year. When she was diagnosed with MS two years ago she decided the best way to cope was to stay positive.


A year after her diagnosis, Molly’s sister mentioned MuckFest MS to her. After looking into it, Molly thought it looked like a good time and decided to sign up. Once the emails started coming in, Molly realized that teams could fundraise to win prizes and raise money for the MS Society so she made it her mission to start building a large team.

Molly started sharing her fundraising page on Facebook and before she knew it tons of friends and family members started signing up to join her in the mud or sent a donation to help the cause. Soon, Molly had grown Molly’s Muckers to about 55 members and all of her teammates were excited to come out and support her.

Together, Molly’s Muckers raised over $9,000 for MuckFest MS Chicago in 2015. This year, Molly’s Muckers are back again and Molly is excited to get her friends and family together to have a great time. Molly says, “MuckFest MS gives me something to look forward to and it’s a great feeling knowing people are thinking of you and are willing to help you raise money for a cure. They are fighting for me.”

Besides raising money for a cure, Molly thinks MuckFest MS is a great bonding experience. No one on her team had ever done MuckFest MS before last year. That experience of doing it together for the first time allowed them to have something to talk about months later and she sees her whole team reminiscing about this year’s MuckFest MS down the road.

And it’s no wonder why she wouldn’t reminisce about it for months because last year Molly met some awesome new friends at the event. It’s no surprise that MuckFest MS is a great way to meet others in the MS community. And that’s exactly what Molly did. “Everyone there [MuckFest MS] is so positive. It helped me keep my mind focused on the good things in life and it’s something I look forward to now.”


And Molly looks forward to all aspects of MuckFest MS. From fundraising for a good cause to taking on the obstacles. She describes the whole event as, “Fun, muddy, and entertaining and something that you won’t regret doing.” Molly even stated there isn’t a single thing she would change about MuckFest MS; she loves it just the way it is. She also loves seeing the great outcome of how fundraising benefits people’s life who are living with MS. It gives her a rewarding feeling knowing that she’s helping find a cure for the MS community and providing support to those who may be experiencing an emotional time in their life just like she did when she was diagnosed.

So, if you’re joining us in the Windy City for MuckFest MS on September 10th look out for Molly’s Muckers. You might even find Molly in the mucking corral at the starting line playing in the mud with her team. Or out on the course getting into her MudZone while getting into some muddy shenanigans. No matter where you might see her, you can guarantee that she’ll be enjoying the excitement of the day and getting that warm feeling in her heart while watching everyone running and out supporting the cause.