Why We Muck | A MuckFest MS Obstacle Journey

August 10, 2016 2 By muckfestms

At MuckFest® MS, there are so many reasons why our Muckers sign up to do the event. Today, take a journey with us through each obstacle at the MuckFest MS course and learn why these Muckers are doing the event. Then, watch the person we interviewed tackle the obstacle with their team. It’s our most personal journey through the course yet.

Starting Line

“I LOVE mud runs. I’ve done many OCRs with Colorado Obstacle Racers, but this is my first MuckFest MS!” –Zach

Triple Pits

“We love mud runs, and we’re doing MuckFest MS for fun!” –Kevin

Big Balls

“I’m doing MuckFest MS because my mom and friend are living with MS.” –Jamie


“Our team does MuckFest MS because we love Tib, who has MS!” –Mayhem Muckers Team

Muck Off

“We love getting muddy!” –Jake, Bre, and John

Tight Rope

“We’re doing MuckFest MS because our grandma and aunt have MS. It’s awesome to be able to do it for them, and it’s so fun!” –Brothers John and Jacob

Mt. Muck-imanjaro

“We’re doing the event to run as a family. We run for those who can’t run themselves.” –Josh, Chelsea, and Payton

Spill Hill

“We’re doing it


3 words: Fun. Family. MUD!” –Herman, Susan, and Kate


Spider Web (Under)

“I’m doing it for ME. I was just diagnosed not too long ago, and this is my first National MS Society event!” –Amy

Tunnel of Love

“I’m a pastor at a local church, and there are people in our church who are living with MS. I do this for them!” –David

Spider Web (Over)

“Our Team Captain, Tiffany, has MS. We’re supporting her and supporting the mission!” –Mark, Team Tingly Toes

Flying Muckers

“We’re doing it for Cindy. This is our first time, and it is SO FUN!” –Coby

Swing Set

“We’re mucking for our friend, Brooke, who has MS.” –Kyle & Colin

The AbbVie Spinner

“This is our second time! We’re all neighbors. So fun!” –Eric, Amanda, Hanna, and Chris


Crash Landing

“We did it as part of our gym! We wanted to do something together.” –Denise and Darryl

Skid Mark and Belly Crawl

“I Muck to raise money for MS and to play in the mud like a kid. We’re a big team of coworkers!” –Vincent

Finish Line Bell

“Our team of 15


because my sister Corrie has MS.” –Missy

MuckFestival, Refreshed by Traveler Beer

“Cheers! I do this for my dad who has MS.” –Katherine