The Ultimate Bonding Experience

The Ultimate Bonding Experience

August 2, 2016 2 By muckfestms

We love having first-time muckers tell us about why they decided to try their hand at playing in the muck for a day! This time, we get to hear from Dan Graustein who will be taking on the course in Detroit on 8/6 with his 12-year-old grandson, John. This team of two is excited to create a one of a kind experience together while jumping, spinning, and flying on our obstacles, but most importantly they are ready to spend a day bonding with a lot of laughter.

Dan Graustein has been participating in Bike MS events in West Michigan and Frankenmuth since the late 1990’s. Dan’s dedication to riding in Bike MS stems from his passion to help end MS forever. He has known several people in his lifetime that have been affected by Multiple Sclerosis. Including a friend who grew up across the street from Dan and has lived with MS for 20 years, a high school friend’s brother who went from an athlete to wheelchair bound in the span of a few weeks, and his wife’s good friend who has used a cane for a decade.

We don’t always realize it, but MS affects a vast amount of people. For Dan, this became clear when he recently found out that even his dental hygienist lives with MS. These people are a constant reminder of why helping fundraise for MS research is so important.

Dan stays involved with the National MS Society and receives their emails. Recently, he noticed an event called MuckFest® MS (hey, that’s us!) and asked one of his Bike MS teammates about it. In response, his teammate, Mark, let Dan know that he had participated in MuckFest MS before and it was the most fun event he’d ever been a part of! Once Dan received this endorsement to participate, he thought it would be a perfect opportunity to take on the challenge with his very active grandson. John.

With John enjoying sports and physical challenges, Dan thought he would enjoy a day in the mud. After all, Dan knows John likes to climb around on things and get dirty like many 12-year-old boys! Dan hopes the experience of jumping off Crash Landing, duck taping their shoes to prevent soggy socks, and running around with big muddy smiles will help bring him and John closer together.

We hope the same thing! There’s nothing quite like conquering each and every obstacle that stands in your way at MuckFest MS. After all, isn’t that what living with MS is all about?

Stay tuned for some post-muck thoughts and photos from Dan and John. Until then, keep on mucking!