July 6, 2016 0 By muckfestms

MuckFest® MS Denver is next weekend, so Puck put together a list of his favorite places to play when he’s not rolling around in the mud or soaring over the mountains in The Mile-High City.

Let yourself be a tourist for the day and check out Denver’s coolest landmark; Red Rocks Amphitheatre!


This rock structure seconds as a concert arena, movie theater, and at one point, the home to some pre-historic guests. All of this makes the beautiful open-air theater the perfect place to explore and relax after a long day in the mud! You might even see an old footprint left behind by a dinosaur. Or you might see Puck quickly waddling past as he tries to recreate his favorite movie; Jurassic Park.


Enjoy a sugary delight after a long day in the mud at Voodoo Doughnut!



This popular 24-hour doughnut shop will give you a guaranteed sugar rush! With doughnuts decked out with anything from the likes of bacon to Captain Crunch cereal, this place is sure not to disappoint. In fact, it’s Puck’s favorite place to grab breakfast before MuckFest MS Denver. Oh, and lunch and dinner, too.


Check out the views on the Cherry Creek Trail. They may be even better than the top of Crash Landing.


Puck loves this trail so much that he used to wish that he could follow it right from his hotel in Downtown Denver to MuckFest MS Denver, and this year his wish finally came true! The Chery Creek Trail is a scenic walk or bike ride stretching all the way down to Parker, CO. So if you’re feeling really ambitious after your roll in the mud, take a walk on this gorgeous trail. You might even spot a muddy duck print.


Thought you saw some awesome stuff at MuckFest MS? Check out this iconic piece of art.


Outside of the Colorado Convention Center you can find a huge animal peering into the windows, and we aren’t talking about Puck. The 40-foot blue sculpture was erected in 2005 and is titled “I See What You Mean”, but most locals just refer to it as The Blue Bear. It’s quickly become an iconic spot for locals and tourists alike to stop and snap a picture. Now, Puck files a request for a similar statue of himself at least once a week.


Toss out those muddy clothes and upgrade your wardrobe like a true Denver fashionista in Larimer Square.


This historic square has seen many transformations in its day. Today, Larimer Square is known as the first historic district in Denver and has gone from being covered in muck to getting unmucked and pampered. So it’s fitting that it would be the perfect place for you to do the same! Puck is scouting out business fronts here so he can start selling our stylish one of a kind Muck Merch all year long!