June 20, 2016 0 By muckfestms

We spoke to King of the Castle’s team captain, Ricky C., whose contest submission helped to make New Jersey the officially named BEST MUD IN AMERICA city. Thanks to his super star submission! Team King of the Castle participated in their first MuckFest® MS last year in New Jersey. This year, they’re excited to return to the mud and muck with a doubled roster of 24 team members and the prestigious recognition as the BEST MUD IN AMERICA TEAM!

Q: MuckFest MS: How did you initially get involved in MuckFest MS?

Ricky: We were originally involved by doing Walk MS. Then, while speaking to other family members we found out about MuckFest MS. 

Q: MuckFest MS: Have you participated in other MS related events? Which ones?

Ricky: My team members have participated in Walk MS for many years and my uncle has completed Bike MS multiple times.

Jaime: Yes, I have participated and run a team for the Bike MS tour in Long island for five years straight. We then moved and participated in the Bike MS tour in NYC because riding the George Washington Bridge and the Lincoln Tunnel is pretty cool. All this on top of riding around the NYC skyline. I also participated in Walk MS in Long Island as well as volunteered for a couple of years making pancakes for people and handing out water.

Q: MuckFest MS: Is there someone specific your team mucks it for?

Ricky: King of the Castle mucks for my aunt Judy Castillo, who is the wife of my teammate Jaime Castillo.

Q: MuckFest MS: Describe MuckFest MS in three words.

Ricky: Memorable, Fun, Teamwork.

Q: MuckFest MS: Favorite obstacle?

Ricky: Flying Muckers.

Q: MuckFest MS: What would you say to someone who has never done MuckFest MS before?

Ricky: Prepare for the best muddy time you have ever had! You will leave MuckFest MS with more friends than you have ever had because everyone is there for one reason, to end MS. It’s about the community and about those who don’t have the ability to participate in the event. We wish and hope that all those that can’t participate get better.

Q: MuckFest MS: What has been your absolute favorite memory from a MuckFest MS event? 

Ricky: My favorite memory is when the team made it to the finish line; we made a promise to cross the finish line together for my Aunt Judy. When we made it to the finish line, we waited for each other, held each other’s hands, and crossed as one.

Q: MuckFest MS: Finish this sentence… “When I get into my #MudZone, I…”

Ricky: When I get into my #Mud Zone, I’m ready to conquer anything!