Why is MuckFest MS important to you?

May 26, 2016 5 By muckfestms

Through our loyalty program, MuckSquad, we asked some of our most dedicated muckers, “Why is MuckFest® MS important to you?” Check out their responses!

“It gives me a way to connect with my mom… understand her disease and have a great time all-in-one!” — Michael Pierce


“Because my friend suffered from it and she was depressed. She committed suicide at age 30. I promised myself that I would help anyone with MS after her death.” — Claudia Guardado-Martinez


“As someone diagnosed with MS, I think it is a great way to bring awareness to the disease.” — Allison Durand


“MuckFest MS is important to me because I fight the beast every day! I pledge to do MuckFest MS every year until my body just gives out. Even if I am crawling up the hills and it takes me 4 hours, I will finish, because I will not let MS defeat me. I LOVE MUCKFEST MS!” — Kaera Leatherman Sawler


“I have MS, so for me it is a personal declaration that I refuse to give up. That I can still do this and will continue to until I am no longer able.” — Michele Robertson


“My mother-in-law has MS and we have done Walk MS for over 20 years. This is a new opportunity for our team ‘Doin’ It For Donna’ to raise money and awareness.” — John Garrafa


“I use this as my way to help gain awareness and raise lots of money in the fight against MS.” — Larry Silverstein


“It’s important to me because I have MS and it’s a fun way to raise awareness and funds to help find a cure. Also, because me being able to run this race is me fighting the disease and being stronger than MS.” — Vanessa Sousa


“I was diagnosed with MS in November of 2014. Last year, my friends and family participated on my behalf and raised almost $10,000. I was overwhelmed as I watched them participate and vowed that if I was healthy enough in 2016 I would be right there beside them. I am health enough so far so I will be participating this year. The support of the National MS Society has been incredible over the past year and a half and I want to give back in any way that I can!” — Jennifer Soderburg


“Before my father was diagnosed with MS, I had no idea that this disease existed. In the three years that I have been mucking it up at MuckFest MS I have watched the number of people who are aware of the struggle grow exponentially. Awareness is key in the fight!” — Erin Vickstrom


“It brings people together in a unique way to fight a horrible disease.” — Sarah Joyce


“Because my mom battled this disease for 46 years of her life!” — Michael Fagone


“Because MS is a dirty word!” — Erik Royds


“It is fun, it brings my friends and family together, and the event raises a big amount of awareness about the disease and money to help with research. It is amazing to see your team grow over the years and to see the comradery that comes along with it. Last year I told my team to go ahead, and not one of them would. They said we came for you, we came as a team, we started as a team, and we will finish as a team. It was the best feeling in the world crossing that finish line with friends and family and ringing that bell and telling MS to take a hike!” — Kaera Leatherman Sawler