May 26, 2016 0 By muckfestms

MuckFest® MS Philadelphia is next weekend, so we had Puck put together a list of his favorite places to play when he’s not rolling around in the mud in Philly for MuckFest MS!

Let yourself be a tourist for the day and take a trip to see Philadelphia’s coolest landmark; The Liberty Bell.


An iconic symbol of American independence, the Liberty Bell is a can’t miss attraction in the city of Brotherly Love. MuckFest MS also has an iconic symbol that can be found at the finish line; our golden Puck! And while you won’t find a crack on Puck, you may just hear a quack or two.


Make sure you don’t touch anything with your muddy hands when you take a stroll through Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens.


At MuckFest MS, we take everyday items and turn them into magical muck obstacles and games, but we have nothing on the mosaics throughout the Magic Gardens. You’ll be able to explore three city blocks worth of mirrored glass, bike wheels, and floor tiles transformed into pieces of art even more beautiful than the view from the top of Crash Landing.


Thought you saw some nutty stuff at MuckFest MS? Unwind after the race with a drink at Tattooed Mom.

Tattooed_Mom_Philadelphia_Bar_MuckFestMS_MuckFest_MSPhoto Credit: Tattooed Mom

If you’re looking for a one of a kind experience just like MuckFest MS, then you’ve come to the right place! This two-story bar is decorated with vintage furniture, graffiti, floor-to-ceiling stickers, and oddities of all kinds! So grab a drink, take a seat in one of their old bumper cars, and relax after the muck.


Enjoy a meal after a long day in the mud at Reading Terminal Market.


We know playing in the mud all day can work up a big appetite. One so big that spending time trying to figure out what everyone on your team is willing to devour can cause you get become hangry. No need to waste time! The Reading Terminal Market has something for everyone. This public market has over a hundred different merchants selling anything from homemade cannolis to huge cheesesteaks. Both which are Puck approved!


Ever want to walk in the shoes of a movie star? Now you can at the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, alternatively known as the Rocky Steps.


You can recreate the iconic scene from Rocky before spending a day checking out the art museum. Bring your best Rocky impression and a camera to capture your own version of the iconic shot from the film. It’s one of Puck’s favorite places in Philadelphia to get pumped up for MuckFest MS!