How Do YOU Get into Your #MudZone?

May 18, 2016 5 By muckfestms

The #MudZone is that moment at MuckFest® MS when amidst all the laughter, flying mud, and the swinging obstacles, you forget about everything else. At that moment, the MUD is the only thing you care about. This means making sure you’re covered in it entirely, running faster to the next obstacle so you can play in it even more, and never wanting the day to end because that means leaving the mud behind.

Wonder what the #MudZone looks like?

Maybe you’re a part of a team who decide to take on the mud at MuckFest MS to support a friend living with MS. Your team wears matching tutus and crazy socks. After the race, you’d describe the moment you got into your #MudZone when you were out on the course, covered in mud from head to toe, and laughed until your stomach hurt. You really know you’ve entered your #MudZone when you shamelessly start snapping selfies with your mud-covered phone. You even post them to Facebook despite having muddy, crazy hair!


Or, maybe your significant other talked you into signing up for MuckFest MS with a group of friends. The day of the event, you make your way onto the course and tackle a couple of the obstacles just to realize that you underestimated how much you would enjoy it. You get so pumped up for the next obstacle that you can’t help yourself from running ahead of the team so you have time to do it twice. Congratulations! You made it to your #MudZone! Once your team finishes the course, you all head to the MuckFestival area for a beer. You don’t realize it until you’re reflecting on the day while enjoying your ice cold beer, but you are still in your #MudZone! You make sure to ask everyone is they want to sign up for next year.


Perhaps you want to do MuckFest MS because you live with MS, and you want to show MS just how strong you are. You take on the first obstacle with your family, who are there to support you. You’ll never forget the moment you look out at your team wearing shirts that say “Muckin’ for [Your Name]”. At that moment, you entered your #MudZone.


Maybe you’re a first time Mucker, and despite all your perseverance, you can’t seem to make it over that first hill. However, that all changes when a hand extends out to you… and a perfect stranger offers to help you over. With her help, you both make it over the hill. You become so overwhelmed by the kindness of the stranger that you embrace him in a big muddy hug. You tackle the rest of the course with the help of your family and other strangers. You spend the whole day in your #MudZone due to the feeling of gratitude that washes over you from the sense of community out of the course all day.    


Finally, maybe you’re the type that can be found at the gym or grabbing a drink with buddies when not studying for classes. You get a huge group to sign up for MuckFest MS, and you’re excited to watch them all take some epic slips in the mud. However, once you make it out on the course, you get lost in your #MudZone while having fun. You find yourself embracing the mud when you knock one of your friends into the water with one of the Big Balls, when you hang upside down on The Abbvie Spinner, and when your friends get an epic photo of you doing a crazy pose in the air on the Swing Set. Afterwards, all that matters is enjoying a refreshing beer…or two.

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Getting into the #MudZone isn’t the same for everyone. In fact, everyone’s #MudZone is entirely different, and that’s the beautiful thing about the mud at MuckFest MS: it will transform you. It will turn you into a person that laughs so hard that you cry, a person who tackles obstacles they didn’t think they could, and a person who finds sheer joy in being covered in mud.

Now the only thing left to do is join us at MuckFest MS, and let us know what your #MudZone looks like!

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