Hey, BOSTON! MuckFest® MS is so close we can almost feel the mud creeping into our shoes. We’ve been busy digging up land, muddying up the course, and following Puck’s demands for perfection at every obstacle so that MuckFest MS 2016 is the best one yet. It’s safe to say that this weekend is going to be MUCKING AWESOME!

We’re excited to announce a NEW way to get in on the muddy action: we’ll be live streaming MuckFest MS Boston on Saturday AND Sunday! Check out how you can get in on an exclusive look at all the muck by following three easy steps!


Are you a mucker from another city who wants to get an exclusive look at what to expect at MuckFest MS this year? Or maybe you’re a friend of someone on a team and you want to see what MuckFest MS is all about? Well, now you can! Simply head over to our Facebook page and make sure you click the magical LIKE button before we muck it up in Boston on May 14th and 15th

That one easy click will get you access to an exclusive look into all the fun at MuckFest MS Boston!  

Tune In:

As soon as we’re live at MuckFest MS Boston, you’ll receive a notification to tune in! All you have to do is click on that notification to start watching all the hilarity on your phone, tablet or computer! Want to set a reminder to tune in? Plan to join us around 8:40 AM EST on Saturday to get in on the muddy action.

You never know what you might be seeing when you watch us live. Is that Puck? Did someone just take on Big Balls? Or maybe you’ll even get to see an all new obstacle…

Tuning into the live stream is sure to bring surprises and big laughs. And don’t forget to leave us a comment while you watch! We’ll be live streaming the first wave and at one of the obstacles during the day.


You’ve done it! You’ve become a part of the exclusive group of people that will be able to watch all the happenings at MuckFest MS Boston and any future MuckFest MS events. So now, all that’s left to do is kick back, relax, and enjoy the mud show. We’re sure you’ll feel like you’re a part of all the action from the comfort of your own couch if you do!

Now, share these three simple steps with your teammates, family, and friends so they can get in on the mud too. And if you’re joining us in Boston, don’t forget to wear big muddy smiles throughout the day just in case you’re lucky enough to get on camera!

Afraid you’ll miss out on all the fun while you’re running with your team?

No need to panic. Head on over to our Facebook page after you’ve washed away all that mud and re-watch all the live action after you dominate the course. Just grab a Traveler beer, tune in, and look for your teammates getting pumped up at the start line or showing off an epic move on an obstacle. You might even make it on camera while hanging out in the MuckFestival area! So have those “Hi, Mom” signs ready.

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2 Comments on “EXCLUSIVE: We’re LIVE

  1. Your “Boston” event, in reality, it is being held on Devens. Devens is not a town, but as a decommissioned military base, it is part of the communities of Ayer, Harvard and Shirley.

    The Janis Bresnahan Run for Education, which is also this Sunday, is the singe biggest fundraiser for the Ayer Shirley Regional School District. The Bresnahan Run provides much needed funding for enrichment programs in the district. Without this race, many of those programs, such as music, theatre, robotics, etc.. would not be available with current school budgets. This year marks the 12th year for this fundraiser. It has been the SAME weekend for the entire twelve years,


    While I acknowledge and accept that Muckiest is for a good cause and is a fantastic experience for the participants, I find it disappointing that you would schedule an event in a community (all be it for a good cause) without looking at how that event impacts the community. Remember, this may be your ‘Boston’ event, but the community that Muckiest is being held in is small and it’s schools need financial support more then you with a large national base to draw from.

    We like the fact that Muckfest has chosen Devens as it’s Boston home, please in future, pick different date.

    • Thank you for your note. We will share this with our entire team so that we may keep this in mind in the future. If you have an further questions or concerns please email info@muckfestms.com!

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