Meet Two of Our Top Muckers from MuckFest MS Boston

May 10, 2016 2 By muckfestms

MuckFest® MS Boston is home to some of our most passionate muckers around! We were lucky enough to chat with two of them before this weekend’s event. Father and son duo, Scott and Joey, are two of our #1 MuckFest MS Boston fans. They raise money to end MS forever for the most important woman in their lives, their wife/mom.


Scott has been involved with MuckFest MS Boston since 2013. He ran with the obstacle race team, the New England Spahtens, which has been 100 people strong for the last couple of years. This year, you can find Scott and his team of 22 mucking it up in Boston; stronger than ever! In fact, the team has reached its collective fundraising goal for this year’s event. However, that doesn’t mean Scott stops fighting to surpass that, he has a personal fundraising goal of $5,000 this year. He’s unsure if he’ll meet that goal before getting mucky in Boston, but he knows setting high goals pushes him to try harder for his wife, Danielle.

And Scott isn’t alone in his fight to help end MS forever for his wife. Their son, Joey, is just as passionate about MuckFest MS and helping to support MS research to find a cure for his mom! Joey even used a recent school assignment as a way to showcase his dedication in helping fight MS with his family. 

CePZ5niW8AA6Bq5Reads: “If I could solve a problem it would be MS (multiple sclerosis). The reason I would solve this problem is because my mom and aunt have it and I would solve this by raising money and awareness by running the MuckFest which is an obstacle race the MS society puts on. Of course this is not all I would do to solve this. I would also become a researcher and work until my research finds a cure for my mom, aunt and everyone else.”

WOW! We know Joey will make an amazing researcher one day and stomp MS in the mud, but don’t take our word for it. We chatted with Scott and Joey about their dedication to MuckFest MS. Check it out below! 

Q: MuckFest MS:  How did you first hear about MuckFest MS, and what motivated you to sign up?

Scott: My wife Danielle lives with MS. After she was diagnosed, in an act of defiance, she began training for the Boston Marathon with the MSAMS team. She ran several Boston Marathons with the Strides team and raised a bit of money for the MS Society. She was even named one of the “Saucony 26” in 2004. She ran her last Boston in 2009. She suffered a stress fracture while training. 

I’m not a marathoner. I am an obstacle race fan. I love running them and the festival atmosphere is pretty cool. When MuckFest MS came to Massachusetts it was the perfect opportunity to pick up where Danielle left off in fundraising for the MS Society while doing something I love to do. 

Q: MuckFest MS:  We love the essay Joey wrote and know he wants to end MS forever for his mom and aunt! Joey, what inspired you to write your essay?

Joey: My mom inspired me. She does so much for me so I want to help her. 

Q: MuckFest MS:  How has MuckFest MS impacted you as a family?

Scott: Just like with my wife’s marathon fundraising, MuckFest MS is an opportunity for us to give back to an organization that does so much for others. It’s also an opportunity for us to teach our boys about volunteerism and charity. 

Q: MuckFest MS:  What was your absolute favorite memory from MuckFest MS? 

Scott: Danielle and I finishing the race together in 2013. 

Q: MuckFest MS:  Besides the MuckSquad, Scott, how do you recruit new people to join you in the mud?

Scott: I am a huge pain in the a**. I constantly email, call, post, text and talk to anyone that will listen about the race. The first thing I ask is to join me. If they say no I ask for a donation! 

I bribe people too. This year, my team’s top fundraiser gets a pair of Sox tickets. 

Q: MuckFest MS:  Scott, finish this sentence… “When I get into my #MudZone, I…” 

Scott: I never want to leave. This race is a blast I could run it all day in a loop. Being an adult, you don’t get too many chances to play in the mud. 

Q: MuckFest MS:  Joey, your turn! “When I get into my #MudZone, I…”

Joey: I have fun getting mucky!


What an absolutely muck-tastic family! This kind of passion and support for those living with MS is what makes MuckFest MS a success and has helped raise $22 million dollars toward MS research to date. Think you have what it takes to muck it up for MS like Scott and Joey? There’s still time to join them in the mud for MuckFest MS Boston! Sign up today: