Five Obstacles That Will Help You Meet New Friends

April 25, 2016 3 By muckfestms

Having a team can make MuckFest® MS the most fun you’ve ever had while playing in the mud! However, if you want to run the course solo or have separated from your team in the muddy insanity, there are plenty of opportunities to make new friends at every obstacle! Here are some of our top obstacle picks that will guarantee to get you laughing and chatting with people you’ve never met!

Triple Pits

Making it up and down muddy hills can be a lot more challenging than it seems! Offer a helping hand to a fellow mucker and help to pull them over to the next hill. We guarantee that the slippery mountains of mud will have you both laughing until you make it to solid ground again.MuckFest MS_Philadelphia_Triple Pits_2015_MudRun


As you look up at this mountain of ropes, the significant altitude could stop you in your tracks. Find a nearby Mucker and make the climb together. The long trip up is a perfect time to exchange names and muck approved tips for the next obstacle. Don’t forget to stop at the top and yell about your new-found friendship. Bonus points if you tackle the next obstacle together!MuckFest MS_New Jersey_2015_Mudrun

Crash Landing

Ready to become a stunt double? Climb to the top of our towering obstacle, and get ready to turn into an action star. Find another fearless Mucker and get ready to say “lights… camera… muck!” as you make the jump down to the ground.

MuckFest MS_Crash Landing_2015_MudRun

Tunnel of Love

This obstacle wouldn’t be possible without the help of others. Crawl through the muddy tunnel while teammates, volunteers, and strangers alike help spin you around until the dizziness overtakes you and you burst into laughter with your new friends!MuckFest MS_Chicago_2015_MudRun

Skid Mark

Skid Mark in intended to get your backside as muddy as your front. However, getting down in the mud sometimes isn’t the easiest. And getting back up once you’re thoroughly covered from head to toe can be a muddy mess. Don’t be afraid to ask for a helping hand once you make it to the end. Your new pal might even help you shake the mud out of your shoes.MuckFest MS_St Louis_2015_Skid Mark_MudRun