6 Photos that Prove the Lil’ Muckers Area is the Only Place Your Kids Will Want to Be

April 18, 2016 0 By muckfestms

At MuckFest® MS, playing in the mud can be for everyone! While running the obstacle course means you’ll have to be twelve years old and up, we couldn’t forget about the little ones.

Our MuckFest MS exclusive Lil’ Muckers area is a muddy playground for kids ages 5-11. Let your little ones slip and slide their way through the mud and some pint-sized obstacles. They’ll have a blast rolling in the mud and splashing around in the water. Don’t forget to bring the munchkins a change of clothes for after they’re done in the mud or you’ll be taking more than memories home from MuckFest MS!


Check out some of the mud-tastic photo opportunities from the Lil’ Muckers area that will ensure you always have memories of your kids all muddy to put on the mantel!


The Lil’ Muckers area is kid tested and kid approved. The excitement of being able to join in on all the mud and muck is guaranteed to put a big smile on your little one’s face.


This kiddy playground is conveniently located in our MuckFestival area so the kids can relax and play while the adults enjoy socializing and drinks after getting mucky. It’s a win, win situation!


In the Lil’ Muckers area, there’s no better way for the little ones to cool down then by waiting for a mucky surprise in our play pool. When the buckets swivel, there’s no escaping the muddy downpour of water, but don’t fret, the muddy shower is always followed by laughter and the cheers of “again, again, again!”


Not only do they have the opportunity to get drenched in our Lil’ Muckers pool, but the Lil’ Muckers area comes equipped with mini obstacles just right for the kids! They can climb, crawl, and laugh in their very own MuckFest MS.  


And don’t forget, playing in the mud and muck is a great way to bring people together. Your mini muckers are sure to make some new friends in our Lil’ Muckers area!


So, grab the little ones and head to your closest MuckFest MS for a day of laughter, mud, muck, and a perfect way to get your future mucker to take a bath!  


*While there is no admission fee to enter the Lil’ Muckers area, adult supervision and a waiver is necessary.