A [Future] Mucky Marriage

A [Future] Mucky Marriage

February 12, 2016 2 By muckfestms

On October 24, 2015 at MuckFest® MS Los Angeles, we got to witness a romantic phenomenon that most rarely get to see up close and personal. At the finish line, covered in mud and muck, one charming young man got down on one knee and asked his girlfriend to be his one and only. Now, Martin tells us what goes into creating such a muck-tastic surprise and exactly what it meant to Sarah to become a bride-to-be at MuckFest MS.


Prior to MuckFest MS 2015, Martin and Sarah met each other online and quickly bonded over shared interests. This included their travel endeavors, their nerdy sides that adored things such as the Star Wars franchise, and comic books.

Martin learned that Sarah was an advocate for multiple sclerosis and had participated in events with the National MS Society all over the country for the past 8 years in honor of her grandmother who was diagnosed with MS; which has no known cure.

When Sarah reflects back on her Nana, she remembers her as an incredibly strong and independent woman until the day they lost her. It is in her memory that Sarah laced up her shoes time and time again to participate in events. This past year, Sarah decided that it was time to get down and dirty in the fight against MS and signed up for MuckFest MS.

Sarah became a team captain for MuckFest MS and raised $2,010 herself for the National MS Society through the event. Alongside of her was Martin and the rest of team, AnderMuck, which is composed mostly of friends and classmates of Sarah’s from UCLA Anderson School. As Sarah said, “Anderson kids like to put ‘Ander’ in front of just about everything. Including Anderween, Anderprom, and now Andermuck!”


For Sarah, the obstacles that stood in front of her and her team were nothing compared to what her Nana had to face on a daily basis. And despite MuckFest MS being a mucky romp through mud and obstacles, it is for a good cause. A cause near and dear to Sarah’s heart; a world free of multiple sclerosis.

For Martin, being a part of Sarah’s MuckFest MS team was an easy choice. It was important to him to support Sarah and help her honor her grandmother at the event and not even a lengthy flight from Charlotte, NC to Los Angeles for the event stopped him from supporting her. Together, the two raised $2,560 to support multiple sclerosis research, surpassing Sarah’s original goal of $1,800.

On the day of the event, Martin and Sarah, as well as their friends, wore matching ties and tutus in true MuckFest MS fashion and took on the muck and obstacles. On the last obstacle of the course, Crash Landing, Martin and Sarah made the jump together.

When they arrived at the finish line something special happened. A very nervous Martin scrambled to get the thick mud off of his hands. Luckily for him, one of the MuckFest MS photographers helped keep Sarah distracted while he cleaned himself up enough to get a small ring box out of his backpack. Sarah still didn’t suspect a thing thanks to careful coordination with their friends and the MuckFest MS staff.

As Martin got down on one knee by the Puck the Muck Duck statue at the finish line Sarah finally realized what was happening and tears of joy filled her eyes. For Sarah, standing in her muddy tutu and tie next to her amazing new fiancé was the happiest moment in her life.

After she said yes, Sarah, Martin, and their friends cleaned up and then enjoyed a couple of beers in the MuckFestival area at the event. Once they finished their day at MuckFest MS, the newly engaged couple continued their celebration with champagne and met up with more friends to share the news.

The fact that Martin was able to take an event that means so much to Sarah and incorporate it into their engagement story is one of the many reasons why she cannot wait to marry him. People often tell them that their proposal story is their favorite, and Sarah can’t lie – it’s her favorite too.

Not only was this important moment documented by our MuckFest MS photographers, but Sarah says that for Christmas that year, Martin made everything even sweeter by making her a photo book of all the amazing shots from MuckFest MS that we were able to capture of them. He even purchased a pocket for the inside cover for Sarah’s event race bib so they could preserve this incredible moment and their engagement story.


Martin’s unique proposal was something he hoped Sarah would always remember. He knew just how special this event was to Sarah, what it meant for her grandmother’s memory, and ended up pulling off a spectacular proposal without a hitch!

With wedding bells in the near future, the couple isn’t too sure they’ll get mucky on their way to the altar, but they guarantee that Puck the Muck Duck will have an invite to the big day!