Traveler Beer + MuckFest MS = Perfection

November 19, 2015 0 By muckfestms

As we wash off our muddy shoes from our LAST MuckFest® MS event of 2015 (lookin’ at you, Houston!) – we here at Traveler Beer got a little bit nostalgic for this summer.2015_MFMS_DEN_GF_0067Sure we may have had 50 degrees and wind in Boston, a thunderstorm delay in Chicago, and even flooding in St. Louis, but we traveled across the country and got to meet thousands of Muckers all coming out for the same great cause – kicking MS in the you-know-what. In all of our travels, our thoughts always came to the same three things:

  1. You Muckers know how to have FUN! Now we’ve been to some crazy events – we’re a beer company with a mustache seesaw after all – but we’ve never seen more muddy tutus in one place… ever! For that matter, muddy costumes in general. Each and every one of you always had a smile on your face and laughed your way through even the toughest of obstacles. Heck, some of you were even drinking a Traveler Beer BEFORE you ran! Now that’s a sign of a good time right there.


  1. Camaraderie: MuckFest MS runners are the epitome of teamwork. You guys were always there to help out a fellow runner, no matter what. The stranger in front of you with the feather boa and custom “MUCK MS – This is for Mom” shirt is too nervous to jump off the platform into the “Muck Off” obstacle? No problem. No one jumps ahead, everyone encourages her, and some even do it with her.


  1. You guys LOVE Traveler! This was our first year being available nationally, and you ladies and gents welcomed us with open arms. We’re a craft twist on the traditional shandy, and so many of you guys couldn’t get enough of it! The thousands of beer garden conversations were insightful, inspiring and definitely entertaining! Mustache seesaw, anyone?

2015_MFMS_NJY_GF_0271To everyone who stopped by and enjoyed a pint with us this summer, thank you. We genuinely enjoyed each MuckFest MS moment and learned so much about your stories and passion for kicking the muck out of MS.

To find Traveler Beer in your neck of the woods, click here.2015_MFMS_PHL_0295Cheers!