5 Best MuckFest MS Moments

August 14, 2015 3 By muckfestms

In her final post, Jennifer Hollandworth, a five-time St. Louis Mucker, put together a list of her top five favorite MuckFest® MS moments.

5. I enjoyed checking out all of the MuckFest MS team outfits from the past 5 years. Mustaches, tongue-in-cheek team names, chicken hats, and, of course, getting to embrace my love for neon when my team went full on 80’s!


4. I’ve been known to redo obstacles for the challenge and the photos. I redid The Spinner because I thought I could hang on the whole time and couldn’t on my first try. (I got it on round two!) Getting back on the Swing Set to perfect my awesome victory pose might sound crazy, but it was worth all the memories. Plus, an epic cape flying photo sure helped spruce up my thank yous and fundraising page for the next year’s MuckFest MS!

MuckFest MS St. Louis Swing Set

3. The monkey bars made me bananas. I went back to the monkey-bar-style obstacle three times at my first MuckFest MS event. The challenge of this obstacle motivated me to train and became a large component in how I challenge myself.

MuckFest MS St. Louis

2. Once, I wore a full wedding dress to Trash the Dress for MS. Nothing says crazy quite like a white dress at a mud obstacle run. My getup was complete with a veil, garter, bouquet, and even a groom! As I went through the course, I cut away the dress for fun and necessity; trains get heavy when covered in that much muck! Just ask the ladies from The Bachelor!


1. I formed the team, Wayne’s Warriors, in 2014 to support a friend who lost his dad to MS in January 2014. It was such an honor to wear Wayne’s name and honor his memory. This will always be my top MuckFest MS moment.

MuckFest MS Wayne's Warriors

Thanks for your incredible support, Jennifer!