Top 5 Tips for the First Time Mud Obstacle Runner

August 7, 2015 1 By muckfestms

We’re excited to start a “Top 5” mini-series with Jennifer Hollandworth, a five-time St. Louis Mucker.

Top 5 Tips for the First Time Mud Obstacle Runner

Today, Jennifer has put together a list of her top five tips for first-time mud obstacle runners.

  1. Wear good socks and decent shoes! Even if you’re used to running and have built up some calluses, they are no match for old cotton socks and mud. Nothing slows down your muddy fun like blisters. I never tape my shoes, but some Muckers choose to; I’d rather have fitted shoes tied tightly. Remember, you can also choose to donate your shoes at the end of the run!
  2. Loose 100% cotton shirts, leg warmers, tutus and capes get HEAVY when muddy. I’m certainly not saying don’t wear them, because I’ve done it all! Just be aware that you might be carrying more than a few extra pounds with you by the time you’ve finished.
  3. Don’t try to go too quickly. Enjoy sloshing around with your team and learning to get your muck legs. This isn’t your standard 5K, so don’t expect your usual 5K time. More time for awesome Swing Set leaps, Belly Crawls and playing with some Big Balls is worth savoring! 
  4. Bring clean up gear. You will for sure want a couple of towels, flip flops for the hose down area, some trash bags, a little bit of shampoo (or even dish soap in a muddy pinch!), and a complete change of clothes for after the mudding fun!
  5. Have fun! MuckFest® MS is a great opportunity to dress up, have a theme, get mucky, and run around for a great cause. Slip, slide, splash, climb, fall, and, of course, smile for the cameras! Expert note: Make sure your bib is on your front and is visible for the photographers – then you can relive the memories again and again via crazy photos!

Muckers, what would you add to the list? We have some other ideas here on what to wear and what to expect on the course!