5 Interesting Ways to Fundraise for MuckFest MS

August 7, 2015 0 By muckfestms

Next in our series, five-time St. Louis Mucker, Jennifer Hollandworth, is back with a list of her top five fundraising ideas for MuckFest® MS. What would you add to the list?

  1. Get your friends to sponsor your workout! Whether it is a special training run where they sponsor quarter miles sections, or a burpee-per-dollar challenge, you’ll be surprised how much your friends like to make you sweat!
  2. Tap into your sweet tooth. Have your very own bake sale with obstacle-themed confections! Puck the Muck Duck sugar cookies with a hint of sassy lemon zest could be a big hit. Mudslide cupcakes for sale! Rocky Road cookies to support a world free of MS? YUM!
  3. Recycle! There are lots of places in the area that take scrap metals by the pound. Clean out your garage, turn in all those soda cans, and help support those with MS.
  4. Ask for a BIG gift. Graduating this year? Have a birthday coming up? Ask for the gift of research that goes well beyond this year. Ask your friends and family to donate to your runs instead. Class of 2015? Suggest they donate $20.15! Instead of Grandma sending you a card with $10, ask that she donate in honor of your birthday. Seeing how much the National MS Society and MuckFest MS mean to you WILL inspire others.
  5. Keep your emails interesting. You can email your whole address book to ask for support right from your Participant Center, but no one said you had to use the standard emails. Want people to read your fundraising emails? Spice them up. I’ve owned up to singing Uptown Funk while on the monkey bars at my local playground. I’ve shared how many burpees it takes to make me want to hurl. I’ve called out family who should be getting mucked up with me, and taken the opportunity to put some personal tidbits about why I’m so passionate about the National MS Society into my e-mails. Enthusiasm is infectious!

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