August 6, 2015 0 By muckfestms

Thank you from MuckFest MS, Detroit!

Outstanding, Detroit! You delivered in a big way, going above and beyond our muckiest dreams! In fact, you muckers were so game for craziness at the start line, emcee Al had to step up his antics to fully satisfy your appetite for muck. The weather was also muck-tacular, providing a gloriously sunny backdrop to our day and helping Big Balls truly shimmer like the beauties they are. We loved seeing you conquer this year’s new obstacles. While you climbed and you crawled with the grace of a hyena on a high-wire, you did so with an abundance of gusto. You made us proud after the run, too: way to celebrate in the MuckFestival area, playing Giant Beer Pong and thoroughly enjoying the Traveler Beer, provided by our muck-tacular national sponsor. A sincere thanks to all the great volunteers; you proved that “Midwest nice” is alive and well in Michigan, giving us the most enthusiastic showing of the year. And thank you to Willow Metropark for being such a great host and allowing us to muck about on your site for the weekend.