Well, Denver, that certainly takes the cake!

May 20, 2015 0 By muckfestms

We started out the week with snow blanketing Larkspur, but by the time Saturday rolled around, the snow was gone and the course was primed for premium muck-osity. It was muddy from the get-go with the sloppiest Muckin’ Corral, Start Line and Triple Pits in MuckFest® MS history. But that’s just the beginning. We had one of the most enthusiastic volunteer groups ever, and they kept the event humming in more ways than one! We also had some firsts, including the first time that four human bananas ran the course. We also had a team carry a cake throughout the entire course without dropping it (why not?); we’re just glad their balance didn’t dessert them (sorry about that). Big thanks to our largest team of the 2015 season so far: Muckin’ for Michael’s Mom (M4MM), led by team captains Michael Pierce (Top Fundraiser) and Ledia Karst, which had a total team membership of 196 and was the top fundraising team for MuckFest MS Denver. Sincere thanks to our course hosts in Larkspur and our local presenting sponsor, MAD Greens, for providing some tremendously tasty and healthy treats, and for posting this muck-tacular video. And thanks again, Denver, for making it mucking unforgettable and picture-perfect!

A sneak peek at event photos available here! All event photography will be available later this week via our Facebook page.

Denver is mucking awesome.