REBLOG: What should I bring to my first mud event?

May 19, 2015 1 By muckfestms

Check out this great list on “What should I bring to my first mud event?” that we worked on with our friends from MudRunFun. Not only does it share what you need for your first mud run, it also gives great ideas for holiday presents for Muckers!

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The “Leave at Home” Stuff

  1. Cotton clothing – gets heavy when wet.
  2. Cleats – dangerous to other athletes, plus they do not help you on the obstacles. These are not allowed at MuckFest® MS.

The “Must Have” Stuff

  1. Light trail shoes, water shoes, or minimalist shoes – to stay light.
  2. Moisture wicking bottoms and top – to stay light.
  3. Plastic trash bag – to place dirty clothes in after the race.
  4. At least one set of clean clothing and shoes – for the after party.
  5. Sunblock – nobody likes to enjoy their post-race beer with a sunburn!
  6. Wet cleansing towelette – rinsing off won’t be enough.
  7. At least one towel – to assist in the clean-up process.
  8. Cash for food and drinks – you’ll want to hang in the festival area all day!

The “Extra” Stuff

  1. GoPro camera – record your adventure and brag about your feats on social media.
  2. Arm and calf sleeves – protect against scrapes caused by rocky soil.
  3. Gloves – protects your hands on obstacles.
  4. Costume – although it might get heavy, it will be a ton of fun!
  5. Team shirt – showcase your team pride!