Will you marry me?

May 1, 2015 2 By muckfestms

We witnessed a romantic phenomenon at this past weekend’s MuckFest® MS Boston, where one beautiful couple got mucky and decided to tie the knot. Pro tip for all would-be suitors out there: proposing at an event means never forgetting the story of how you proposed to your paramour. Check out Chris and Robin’s below!

Proposal at MuckFest MS

Thank you so much for reaching out to us, and we would love to share our story with you. First of all, we just wanted to say how much fun we had at MuckFest MS Boston. Before I met my fiancée, I actually used to live in Ayer, and I would frequently play the disc golf course in Devens on Saturday mornings. Back in 2013, I passed by the MuckFest MS course on my way to disc golf and wondered what was going on at the Devens site. I did some research and found out what it was all about, and it sounded like a great time.

Cut to June of 2013, and I met Robin (actually through the company that I work for, believe it or not). The owner and his wife, Robin’s sister, asked if I was interested in going on a date with Robin. I was hesitant at first, knowing that if I were to screw it up, things might not go so well for me at work, lol. But I had met Robin at a company party a few years before, so I already knew what an amazing and caring person she was.

After I treaded lightly on a few dates, we decided to run the Warrior Dash together in June of 2013, and that is where we fell in love with each other. I knew from that moment on, she was the one that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. So, early this year when I found out that MuckFest MS was coming around again at Devens, I knew that it would be a great place to share this special moment with family and friends present.

I had been planning this day since January of this year and could not wait for it to come. My original plan was to strap on my GoPro camera and I would ask Robin to marry me on video mid-way through the course. I concealed the ring in a little pocket in my shorts and I wrapped the ring in a small plastic bag so it would not get wet. It was a little nerve wracking to be honest, and I had to keep checking the pouch to make sure it was still there after every obstacle.

Well, 5 or 6 obstacles in I was at Swing Set, and when I jumped into the water, I lost the GoPro in a 6ft pool of freezing cold water. My plan of filming my proposal was out the door! Luckily, when I crossed the finish line, I had family members there that were taking pictures and video, so they were able to capture it on film for us. And most importantly, after asking the question, she said, “Yes!” which is most important of all!

Side note, I went back to check, and the MuckFest MS staff found my GoPro after the event, so we’re going to be watching the video tonight.

MuckFest Boston will forever be special to us, and we will be running this race every year going forward! We have already set a date for a fall wedding in October of 2016. Thank you again for putting on a great event that goes to such a great cause!
Chris LaTouche & bride-to-be Robin Holder, the soon to be Mrs. Robin LaTouche