How to Stay Mucky During the Off-Season

December 18, 2014 1 By muckfestms

On Facebook and Twitter, we asked our muckers, “How do YOU keep the MuckFest MS spirit alive during the winter months?” 

Below are some great ideas on ways to stay mucky during the off-season!

MuckFest MS Spinner

Playing outside with the grandkids. Developing future muckers!” –Daniel M.

“Who says there’s an off season?” –Ryan S. 

“Outdoor recess duty in the wintertime! Messier than you might expect!” –Julia F. 

“I train at Unleashed in Warwick RI around 3 days per week. They offer exercise classes specifically to prepare for obstacle course racing, as well as general fitness classes that are head to toe workouts. It’s a year round adventure for me.” –Stephanie S. 

“Just because it’s cold, [there’s] no reason not to get outside and exercise! It toughens you up. My friends and I often say that after the conditions this past year for MuckFest MS, there’s not much that we won’t run outside in.” –Michael F. 

“Wow. Good for you guys! MuckFest MS…I keep the spirit alive by eating mud pie and awaiting the fun of the run!” –Samantha G.Samantha Gonzalez's photo.