Helpful Muckers

October 3, 2014 1 By muckfestms

We’re proud to share some of our favorite stories of helpful muckers out on the MuckFest MS course. Did you have a special experience? Share it below in the comments!

MuckFest MS Helping Hands

“When I decided to fight my fear of the ropes [in Philadelphia], I climbed to the top—then I had to turn around and climb down. I was frozen. I wanted to jump. I couldn’t figure out how to get my 300 lb body over the top. My friends fear at the bottom made me more scared. Then two guys said, ‘We’ll help you—step on us.’ They didn’t realize how afraid I was that I would crush their 170 lb bodies. But I did it. Thanks to the two great guys that didn’t leave ’til I turned around on the ropes.” –Michele F. D. 

“I don’t do water. I def don’t do my head under water. So when my husband and two other teammates grabbed my hands and said, ‘JUMP!’, we all plunged into the mud pit together. That’s how my MS diagnosis has been in the past year – grabbing my husband’s hand and jumping into the unknown.”–Libbie G. 

“Volunteer helped me overcome my fear and take on the Mt. Muck-imanjaro at Chicago’s MuckFest MS. Thank you!” –Emily M. 

“I am 73 and ran the Denver event a couple of weeks ago. My oldest son was with me and he, along with countless other participants, kept encouraging me all the way. It was their motivation that kept me moving forward, and I did complete each and every obstacle in just about 1 hour. Thanks to all who shared their encouraging words!” –Paul L. 

“My girlfriend, Kellie, and I raced the MuckFest MS Denver together. She helped me conquer my fear of heights going over the top of the Spider Web and the even taller Mt. Muck-imanjaro. We made it to the end TOGETHER.” –Darlene C. 

“My trainer Jason convinced me to do MuckFest MS Boston 2013 by agreeing to do it with me. My first race of any kind. If it wasn’t for his belief that I could do it and his guidance on the course, I never would have signed up, never mind finished it. I took that experience and paid it forward this year by leading (I certainly never saw myself as a leader) a team of mostly first-time obstacle course and mud racers. So it all started with Jason’s simple words, “I’ll do it with you”. Thanks J!” –Michael P. F. 

Thanks to our contributors who shared these notes on our Facebook page.