Mucker Q&A – Ali McGreal, Team Greatest Show on Dirt, MuckFest MS Denver

September 12, 2014 0 By muckfestms

Denver muckers, you are in the presence of a legend! Ali McGreal of Team Greatest Show on Dirt offers us her mucky musings about MuckFest® MS.

MuckFest MS: Describe your first MuckFest MS Denver experience.

Ali: My first MuckFest MS Denver experience was four years ago in Winter Park. It was the inaugural year in Denver, and the course was one of the hardest in the country. I am a fan of endurance events, but since this was the year I was diagnosed with MS, I was able to talk a bunch of my friends who do not love endurance sports into doing the event to support me. We had some war wounds that year, but it was a blast and we all came back again the next year!MuckFest_MS_Team_Denver (1)

MuckFest MS: Who is your inspiration for participating in MuckFest MS?

Ali: My friends and family who donate or come out and do the event year after year to show their support for me and others with MS. This event gave me a really positive way to share my sad news with everyone, and it was very uplifting and inspiring to see the love and support that came out of this event for me. Like I mentioned before, I have quite a few friends who do not like running or mud but come out and do this event with me every year to show their support. It really means the world to me!DSC_0387

MuckFest MS: What is the story behind your team name?

Ali: Well for starters, we are just a dirtier version of the Greatest Show on Earth! We compiled about 10 name ideas the first year and voted on the best one. This one was perfect. We have been the top Denver fundraising team every year since the event started, and I think Greatest Show on Dirt is very fitting with that M.O.

MuckFest_MS_Team_Denver (3)

MuckFest MS: What is your favorite part about the MuckFest MS event?

Ali: I love the teamwork it inspires and getting out with my friends and family to enjoy a day in the mud…who could ask for more? It really is a fun event for people of all activity levels. The obstacles are challenging but attainable, and who doesn’t like to play in the mud?!!

MuckFest MS: What’s your top fundraising tip?

Ali: Having the most supportive family and friends has really been the key to my success. The outpouring of support since my diagnosis has been mind-blowing.

MuckFest_MS_Team_Denver (2)

MuckFest MS: What is the first thing you want to do when you cross the finish line at MuckFest MS?

Ali: Take a shower!! And then drink a beer!