Training Tip – Heather Gannoe, Relentless Forward Commotion

September 2, 2014 1 By muckfestms

We’re super excited to hear from Heather Gannoe, a distinguished mud obstacle run enthusiast and blogger, who will be joining us at MuckFest MS Boston in 2015! Check out her blog Relentless Forward Commotion’s top training tip for mud and obstacle runs. Learn more about her muddy pursuit of greatness here.

MuckFest MS: What is your top training tip?

Heather: My number one tip for training for an obstacle race is to get comfortable with being uncomfortable! In traditional road racing, we tell athletes to train with the clothing and equipment they will use for race day, to ensure there is no discomfort or chaffing. Obstacle racing is a completely different situation: you will be wet, you will have mud in places you never imagined, and you may get your knees and elbows cut up on rocks and walls – so you have to train for that discomfort. For example, on a training run, start off by running straight through a puddle to learn how to handle those miles with soaking wet feet. Don’t practice all of your weight training with cushy kettlebells or neoprene covered sandbags; instead, use heavy rocks and logs to create discomfort. It all pays off race day when you can roll with the OCR punches and cross the finish line with a smile on your face!