Mucker Q&A – Michael Furey, Team Filthy & Furey, MuckFest MS New Jersey

June 4, 2014 0 By muckfestms

Meet Michael Furey, a repeat mucker participating in this year’s MuckFest® MS event in New Jersey.  Below, he shares some of his tips for fundraising, getting people excited to participate, and having an all-around great time in the muck!

MuckFest MS: Why do you support the National Multiple Sclerosis Society?

Michael: I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2005 and I quickly realized how little my friends, family and I knew about the disease. Supporting the National Multiple Sclerosis Society brings awareness to the disease, raises money that hopefully leads to finding a cure, and helps people fighting the disease.

MuckFest MS: What made you decide to sign up for MuckFest MS New Jersey?

Michael: I had participated in MS fundraising activities but had not found one that piqued my interest beyond financially supporting the National MS Society. I had run in mud runs before, but not associated with Multiple Sclerosis, and had achieved a great deal of satisfaction from completing them. MuckFest MS came around at the perfect time for me because it gave me a platform to speak up about my disease in a competitive and fun arena. The sense of accomplishment was twofold – I got to fundraise for MS and compete in a challenging and fun mud run.

MuckFest MS New Jersey participants with mucky faces!

MuckFest MS: What advice do you have for someone who has never completed a mud obstacle run?

Michael: Have Fun! Your time…it really doesn’t matter. Don’t avoid the mud pits…you’re going to get filthy…enjoy it!

MuckFest MS: What are you most excited about for MuckFest MS 2014?

 Michael: It is one of my most enjoyable days of the year. After all the work that goes into fundraising  (and trying to eclipse the team’s total fundraising from the year before) the payoff is the run with my friends and family who have supported me.

MuckFest MS: What is your best tip for recruiting people to join your team?

Michael: Mud runs tend to be pretty straightforward in regards to recruiting people for my team. I have found two kinds of people, those who are excited to get dirty and run, and those for whom jumping into mud is completely outside their realm of understanding. So the best tip I can give is that if MuckFest MS is something you are excited about, you will be able to get others excited about it as well. And if you are really good, you will figure out a way to get those who would never considering doing a mud run to join your team. I am still trying to figure that one out, NOT due to lack of trying!

Team Filth and Furey post getting mucky at MuckFest MS New Jersey!

MuckFest MS: What is your best fundraising tip?

 Michael: The best tip I can give is to be comfortable sending reminders requesting support and donations. People have busy lives and whether you are reminding them via Facebook, email or word of mouth, just because they don’t donate after the first request doesn’t mean they are not willing to do so. You have to be persistent and know you are fundraising for a great cause.

Thank you Michael for sharing your MuckFest MS insights and experience with us. We can’t wait to get mucky with you and team Filth and Furey in New Jersey!