Mucker Q&A – Jen Hollandsworth, Team Wayne’s Warriors, MuckFest MS St. Louis

June 4, 2014 3 By muckfestms

Jen Hollandsworth, a 3-time MuckFest® MS St. Louis veteran and Team Captain of Wayne’s Warriors, has some words of wisdom to share with first time Muckers about why she originally got involved and how everyone can get the most out of their own mucky experience

Teamwork at MuckFest MS St. Louis.

MuckFest MS: What drew you to your first MuckFest MS event?

Jen: A friend of mine, Jackie Binz, got me started in the MuckFest MS runs. She thought I was the type of person who would get a kick out of it, and I have signed up every year since then. Plus, one of my original teammates, Phil Bruno, is really active with the MS Society and he powered through the race with us in honor of his wife who is battling MS. They were both big inspirations to me. Then, when I started fundraising, I realized how many people close to me are impacted by MS. I had no idea up to that point and have added to my Champions list every year because each person inspires me.

MuckFest MS St. Louis team in neon costume.

MuckFest MS:What advice do you have for a first time mucker?

Jen: Serious advice: wear good compression/running socks. Once you get wet they’re the only thing between you and blisters! Also, I don’t recommend  taping your shoes. Tape does not have the best mud traction, and I’ve never lost a shoe on the course. I just tie them snugly. Less serious advice… have as much fun as possible! St. Louis Muckers have a lot of creativity from ‘80s clothes to chicken hats, sombreros and mustaches; it makes it special!

MuckFest MS:What is your favorite part of MuckFest MS?

Jen: The mud, of course! And the camaraderie. Last year I ran solo, but that did not stop another team from adopting me for at least 2 miles of the course. Each person had a personal reason for being there and I got to hear their stories as we went along, plus, they helped keep me motivated.

Bride and groom in wedding costume at MuckFest MS St. Louis

Jen would also like to add that this is a very special MuckFest MS run for her this year since she and her teammates are honoring a friend who lost his battle with MS in January. 

Thank you to Jen for sharing your story with us, and we can’t wait to get mucky with you and team Wayne’s Warriors in St. Louis!