MuckFest MS Boston 2014: Mucking Together

May 12, 2014 0 By muckfestms

Check out this great note from our MuckFest® MS Boston volunteer, Rachel Carey.

“Let’s go, let’s go! Good job! Keep going, you can do this!” were all chants being heard throughout the 5K obstacle course at MuckFest MS Boston, which raises money for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Teams gathered after a year of fundraising to support the cause. Even in the chilly rain, a buzz of excitement pulsed through the crowd of participants as they lined up to run their wave. Runners who ran in support of loved ones carried tokens of commemoration, including pictures on t-shirts,  “Dad” written in Sharpie on one young woman’s leg, and men (yes men!) in tutus supporting their teammates. The support was overwhelming as throngs of people cheered their fellow runners on to the finish line even as temperatures dropped into the 40s and the rain continued. Runner after runner lined up at the starting line with a smile stretched across their face and a determination to overcome.

Volunteer thank you

From my station at The Spinner, I witnessed men, women, and children grip a wet rope dangling from a rotating bar as it carried its victims across a crescent swamp of mud and water three feet deep. Some participants faced the rope with confidence and some with hesitancy as they pulled themselves up and off land. There were many techniques to this obstacle, from the traditional “grip the rope and don’t fall in” embrace to the clever upside down pull up, but what remained the same was the laughter and positivity that seemed to hover over everyone at the event. As some team members made it across the mud pit dry, others fell in and had to wade through the muck to the other side, but the response was always the same: cheers, laughter and applause!

What became evident to me at MuckFest MS Boston is that training and guts can only get you so far. But teammates, endurance, encouragement and a willing spirit can get you over even the scariest obstacles. Together, we can!

Becoming a MuckFest MS volunteer is easy and so rewarding! You can also get a team together to fundraise and support the National MS Society! For more information check out their website.