Mucker Q&A Round 2 – Michael Fagone, Team Pat’s Muckers, MuckFest MS Boston

April 17, 2014 0 By muckfestms

We’re excited to check back in with Michael Fagone, team captain of Pat’s Muckers. He runs to honor his mother, Pat, who battled multiple sclerosis for 46 years. MuckFest® MS Boston in 2013 was Michael’s first running event of any kind and followed his decision to take control of his health – which resulted in a 240 pound weight loss. We asked Michael some questions about how he approaches training and fundraising for MuckFest MS Boston.

Do you do any special training before the event?

I have mainly been working on my running. I try to run three days a week – one focusing on distance, one for speed work, and a shorter, more straightforward run. I am also doing a couple days of strength training. Though not essential, it can be extremely beneficial when it comes to some of the obstacles. The Spinner, Mt. Muck-imanjaro and Spider Web come to mind! And my trainer insisted that I mention that you should do some stretching after you exercise to promote recovery and increase flexibility.

Our Boston MuckFest MS, a mud obstacle 5K fun run, with his trainer.

What is your best tip for recruiting people to join your team?

I have found that sharing my personal experience with the event is the best tool. It is about getting people to turn the “I can’t” into an “I can.” I went through that same self-doubt last year when I first heard about MuckFest MS. Letting people know that we are running as a team, we will support each other, no one will be left to fend for themselves and that we aren’t running competitively is key. My team is made up of mostly first-time obstacle course/mud racers. Our motto is “If I can do it, you can do it.” Also, a local team took great footage of the obstacles last year. After letting people watch that and hearing them say “That doesn’t seem too bad, I think I can do that,” I knew I had them.

What is your best fundraising tip?

I have a strong personal connection to the National MS Society. People know that my participation goes beyond the fun and the challenge of the event. It is VERY personal to me because of my mother’s battle with MS. When you can clearly state how important and personal a cause is, friends and family are more likely to donate. I also think in this day of social media, it is SO much easier for people to get the message out. Most of my donations have come as a result of an email or a Facebook post that is personalized. All people have to do is click a link and they can donate! It’s so easy!

Michael will be back on Monday with a final post about how he plans to approach event day, including clothes, advice for first-time muckers, and what he is most excited about on race day!