Reblog: C25K

We’re so proud of muckers like Claire Sinclair! Keep up the great work!

QUESTION: Do any veteran muckers have helpful tips for people starting their training?

Learn more about MuckFest MS here.

A Project for Kindness


In June, I will be participating in my fifth mud-run.  This one, The Muck Fest, benefits MS. It is the third Muck-Fest that I will have participated in.  I run the Muck-Fest with a team from work.  One of our coworkers lost her husband to MS last year and this year we will be running in memory of him.

I use the term, “running” loosely.  I actually am not much of a runner.  I love to walk and exercise but running has never been my thing.  I have been able to complete all five mud runs, but  have never been able to run the whole way.  I usually do a combination of run/walk and the obstacles thrown in throughout the way break up the running.  This year, I would love for it to be my goal to run the whole way.  Will I do it?  Who knows…

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