The Anatomy of a Mud Obstacle Course

March 3, 2014 7 By muckfestms

This shows obstacles typical to a mud obstacle course.

Whether you’re trying to find a fun adventure or just a fun run, there are three main things to look for in a great mud and obstacle course (check out our Anatomy of a Mud Obstacle Course info-graphic above to get a sneak peak at some awesome mud obstacles).

First, look at the course and the number of obstacles, both the man-made kind as well as the muddy obstacles that are dug out. For a 5K and longer course, you really need 15 or more obstacles to make it fun, enjoyable and worthwhile athletically. But it’s not just about how many obstacles there are, it’s also about how they are placed throughout the course. On the website for the obstacle course run, look at a sample layout of the course to see how careful the event planners are about creating a balanced run, how obstacles are spaced, and how they alternate according to the physical demands of each obstacle.

Second, to make sure you get more muck for your buck, you should have a good idea of the kinds of obstacles that are being offered. You don’t want to plan your adventure only to find the fun run has a few inflatables, old tires, and stacked-up railroad ties. The best mud and obstacle runs feature a variety of obstacles that give runners a unique experience and create that “Wow” factor. The obstacles should look impressive and look like they were designed and tested by engineers, not your Uncle Joe in his basement workshop. When you cross the finish line, you should feel like you’ve had fun and feel an invigorating sense of accomplishment at having finished the course.

Third, find out what’s at the heart of the event. Is it solely for the entertainment of its participants or is it also a fundraising event for a charity? If there’s a charity involved, how does the participants’ involvement support the charity’s work? Make sure you know how much of your fundraising actually goes to support the work of the charity. We think that mud and obstacle runners deserve to have a blast while also feeling good about contributing to a great cause.

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