Today is Poets Day, so we made 9 haikus to make you smile. OH, and they’re about ducks and mud. Enjoy!


We’re so excited to take the muck to Minnesota this Saturday! The course is located in the  town of Jordan, MN, and we want to make sure that YOU muckers have your plans in place for before & after the MuckFest® MS Twin Cities mud.

Here are three local hotspots recommended by fellow muckers. Enjoy!

Old Town Coffee Saloon

Locally roasted coffee, organic pastries, and dare we say it… ICE CREAM. This is the perfect caffeine stop before and/or after the muck.

Clancy’s Pizza

Locally owned and operated, this little restaurant has three food groups: pizza, hamburgers, and roasted chicken. Make yourself at home!

Jordan Supper Club

A brunch buffet, an expansive menu, and Crème Brule. And Bread Pudding. Annnd Chocolate Lava Cake. Oh, and did we mention that they have Banana’s Foster Cheesecake?

Let’s support local businesses this weekend as we fight to end MS. Do you have other recommendations? Let us know in the comments below!

Meet: Slippy Sloppy

This year we introduced a NEW obstacle to the course, Slippy Sloppy, and it seems to be getting bigger and better every time we muck! The pictures are really great, too… just look at the excitement on all of your faces! We can’t get enough, so tag us in your pics on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Slippy Sloppy GIF

We have SIX different shirts available for purchase at the merchandise tent this year! Pick one up at MuckFest MS and show it off to your coworkers, friends, and family. We’ve been sporting them around the office and they are p-r-e-t-t-y darn fly. Which one is your favorite? Comment below!


Here’s some of our favorite pictures from MuckFest MS Detroit! Stay tuned… more pictures coming this week!

Lyndsay Wright: WHY I MUCK

Lyndsay is a passionate mucker (she even found her life-long partner in the mud), and we’re so excited to share her MuckFest MS story with you! Be sure to scroll to the bottom of this page to see pictures of Lyndsay and her team.

My name is Lyndsay Wright and I reside in Hewitt, NJ. I am a 27-year-old ball of energy who always looks for the next adventure! I began participating in National MS Society events in April of 2009 and I have continued to get involved in as many as possible. It started out with Walk MS, MuckFest MS, and then Bike MS. When I first heard of MuckFest MS, I’ll admit I turned my nose up at it. But, my friend and I kept tossing the idea around and we decided to go for it in June of 2014. I remember setting foot in the mud for the first time, thinking “What am I getting myself into?” Then the mud started flying, and we were covered before we even started to run! I was hooked at that moment! Not to be too mushy, but I also met the love of my life in the mud at MuckFest MS in 2015.

If you ask my friends, I go non-stop 24/7. I am also pretty stubborn, but I do know my limits. I love staying active because when I was first diagnosed with MS, the symptoms greeted me with numbness from the waist down. I had trouble walking and I just felt like I would be restricted for a very long time with the disease. But nope! MS messed with the wrong girl, and I was ready to tackle it head on and not let MS define who I am. I find motivation from those who support me in my fight, and I want to inspire others to keep moving and not let anything stop you in your tracks. I love hiking, biking, working out, pretty much anything outdoors, and all MS-related events! Remaining active has given me the upper hand on the disease and there is no way I will back down now. My family also received another MS diagnosis in December of 2015. My brother, Chris, who is also very active like me, joins me at MuckFest MS and all other events throughout the year. We are great motivation for each other, and we won’t stop until a cure is within our reach!

You rock, Lyndsay! THANK YOU for sharing!

We asked Facebook followers in a LIVE poll which participant kicked up the most mud on our new obstacle, Slippy Sloppy: the mucker on the #Left or #Right. 102 people voted, and Sheryl R.H. was selected as the winner! She won a V-neck t-shirt, headphones, and a pair of MuckFest MS flip-flops, all in perfect time for the heat of August! We threw a rubber Puck rubber-ducky and magnet in for her as well. 😉 Gooo Sheryl!


Be sure to “Like” our Facebook page so that YOU can participate in our August giveaway… details coming soon!

We’re excited to share a guest blog post from our National MuckFestival Sponsor, Traveler Beer Company!

July 27th is just around the corner, which means only one thing: National Refreshment Day is almost here! It’s a day to honor all things refreshment and have a Shandy or two while doing it. So, while there aren’t any actual MuckFest® MS mud runs on National Refreshment Day, there’s plenty that the national holiday and the mud runs have in common. Here are the top 5 reasons why we think MuckFest MS is worthy of the Badge of Refreshment.

  • Have you seen the obstacles? Come on, what’s more refreshing than running through mud and water on a hot summer day?
  • You get a nice hose down at the end to get the muck off. And as a bonus, it’ll take you right back to your childhood and the days you spent playing in the hose and sprinklers.
  • You get to enjoy a Traveler Shandy afterward (if you’re of age). Need we say more? All of Refreshment Day is based off of these Shandys!
  • You get a day away from work, work, work to spend time with family and friends doing something fun together.
  • And the most refreshing of all… helping a great cause and giving back to your community!

This National Refreshment Day take the opportunity to sign up for a MuckFest MS mud run in your area. Then stop by a Traveler Beer Company National Refreshment Day event and raise one up to relaxation, having fun, and doing good!

Last weekend in Denver, our team had the privilege of handing over our Instagram account to a loyal mucker, Brooke Hatfield. This was her SEVENTH time joining us for MuckFest® MS Denver, and her Instagram Takeover was seen by nearly 9,000 people across the country. Brooke lives with multiple sclerosis, but she doesn’t let her diagnosis dim her optimism and joy.

Below are her top 6 moments from MuckFest MS Denver 2017! Scroll to the bottom of the page to see more pictures.

  1. I met a woman who has been living with MS for over 20 years, and this was her first-ever event with the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. She looked around, felt overwhelmed, and cried. She asked her daughter: “Is everyone here for MS? Is this all for MS?” She was so touched that people were aware of the cause and so grateful that so many people were there.
  2. MudMaster Al… he makes you SO pumped up and excited to get muddy. Each year, I see new muckers look a little nervous not knowing what to expect, but MudMaster Al is amazing and gets everyone ready with a little pregame at the starting line! During his introduction, he explained how the obstacles and the feeling of running in the mud isn’t much different from what those with MS experience every day… that really touched home. For him to point that out at the starting line really made people focus on the cause and lit a fire for the mindset of “I’m going to do this – not only with excitement, but with HEART.” He made it personal!
  3. Seeing so many participants run with the “I Muck It with MS” bandanas reminded me that I am not alone with this disease.
  4. There are tons of mud runs out there, but what makes MuckFest MS different is the nature of the obstacles. These obstacles invoke your inner kid! I love seeing adults turn into little kids and squeal going down Slippy Sloppy! Where else can you throw mud at your spouse and get away with it? This event is about having fun and being silly!
  5. Team work makes the dream work! I love seeing teams come back each year. Our teams are growing in numbers, our fundraising is growing in numbers, and we didn’t have team tents before… it’s just evolved into this HUGE electric event. It’s contagious and energizing.
  6. MuckFest MS reminds me how to tackle life. Things might not be glamourous or sexy, but you see familiar faces and strangers, and you’re all going through it together. You take tons of leaps of faith. You laugh. And then at the end, you ring that bell to celebrate that you made it through… there are so many parallels to life.

Thanks, as always, for sharing your story, Brooke! Cheers to many more mucks.