Hey, MuckSquad Members:

You’ve probably noticed that your MuckFest® MS Instagram pictures generate tons of likes! That’s because there’s no better social media post than one where you’re covered head to toe in mud. That’s why we’ve created a MuckSquad pic wall for all of our Muckers to share their muddy moments with the world!

This social challenge could seriously improve your chances of winning some awesome MuckFest MS prizes! All you have to do is follow these two easy steps…

  1. Find your favorite MuckFest MS photo! This could be you zipping down Flying Muckers or covered in mud while laughing with your team.
  2. Post it to Instagram using hashtag #entry and also one of the following hashtags: #MuckFestMS #MuckFest #MudZone

And you’ve done it! You’re now a MuckSquad Instagram star!


Check out this SNEAK PEEK of photos from MuckFest® MS Houston on October 15!

Don’t see a shot of you in your ‪#‎MudZone? A link to all participant photos will be shared later this week.



MuckFest® MS Houston is next weekend, so we had Puck put together a list of his favorite places to play when he’s not rolling around in the mud in H-town for MuckFest MS!

Let yourself be a tourist for the day and see why Houston was dubbed Space City in 1967.


As an avid movie goer, Puck’s favorite movie quote has always been “Houston, we have a problem…”, but you won’t find any space control issues when you make a stop at the Houston Space Center. Spend the day channeling your inner astronaut as you learn about space and interact with pieces of history.


Unwind after the run with a drink at Pete’s Dueling Piano Bar.


There’s no better place to keep the laughter alive than at Pete’s Dueling Piano Bar. If infectious singing, clapping, and dancing is your post-muck vibe, then you’ve found the right place. In 2009 this piano bar made its way to Houston to bring Texans a one of a kind show. It’s exactly why Puck visits every time he’s in town. It also helps that they put a rubber ducky in their best drink.


Enjoy a sweet treat after a long day in the mud at Houston’s famous House of Pies.


Besides mud, there’s nothing more Puck the Muck Duck likes than sweets! And at this 24-hour pie shop, he’s found his own personal slice of heaven right in Houston. Whether you stop by for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a midnight snack you won’t want to miss out on a large slice of fresh baked pie after mucking it up all day.


Make sure you don’t touch anything with your muddy hands at the Art Car Museum!


This contemporary art museum is both intriguing and unique. Started in 1998, artists began using cars to display personal expression and subject matter in popular culture. You’ll want to swing by the museum to take in the largest collection of art cars in any city. Puck stops by when he’s in Houston to try to get his mud inspired art car on display.


Not tired of seeing people run? Catch a show at Houston’s Livestock and Rodeo Show.


Puck knows a trip to Texas isn’t complete without a stop at the rodeo. Luckily, Houston’s livestock show and rodeo is one of the largest around! Grab your team, catch a concert or performance, and enjoy a night of laughter after MuckFest MS. You can guarantee that an evening spent here will provide you with endless entertainment.

Video: A World Free of MS

At the MuckFest MS finish line, we each ring the bell as a sign of why we Muck…that we are collectively working towards a world free of MS. 

Check out this SNEAK PEEK of photos from MuckFest® MS San Francisco on October 1!

Don’t see a shot of you in your ‪#‎MudZone? A link to all participant photos will be shared later this week.

“You keep talking about getting into the #MudZone, but how do I know if I’ve reached mine?!” – Muckers everywhere.

So, you don’t know if you’ve reached your full #MudZone potential or not. We would tell you exactly what the #MudZone is, but there’s no single definition! So instead, here is a list of five obstacles that are sure to get you closer to your personal #MudZone!

Flying Muckers


Do you have a need for speed? Then this obstacle just might be the ticket to the #MudZone you’re looking for. Hold on tight as you zip across a pool of mucky water to the other side. Signs of entering your #MudZone: uncontrollable laughter, the need to attempt a mid-air backflip, and realizing you could pass as Tarzan for Halloween after the epic yell you made flying fast down the zip line.

Big Balls


You might find yourself nearing the #MudZone if while others start crawling under the Big Balls to avoid falling into the watery mud pits, you step up to the challenge and run through them at full speed. You might fall into the pits, but you laugh it off and climb back up to the huge swinging balls. Other signs of entering your #MudZone: once you make it to the other side, you run back to grab a Big Ball and try to knock your teammates into the mud pits!

Swing Set


If you’ve ever thought there should be playgrounds specifically for adults then this standing swing set might launch you into your #MudZone. Just hop up on a platform and rock yourself back and forth until you’re ready to jump! Signs you entered your #MudZone here: all you care about is getting as much air as possible, the belly flop you just did makes you laugh instead of cringe, and you’re unfazed when you lose your shoe to the mucky water.

The AbbVie Spinner


Grab a handle on this giant spinning obstacle and get ready to show your team your #MudZone moves. Signs of entering your #MudZone: you practice your acrobatic skills by hanging upside down, you feel dizzy, but that won’t stop you from going around again, and even though you fall off mid-spin, you still try to knock your teammates off into the mud bath below.

Crash Landing


Is your mom convinced you look identical to a movie star? Well then Crash Landing might be your moment in the spotlight. Take the leap into your #MudZone by pretending to be the star of your very own action movie. Proof of entering your #MudZone: when the volunteers count down from three, you scream “ACTION!” before jumping.

If you still haven’t entered your #MudZone after those five obstacles, then we suggest you find some mud and give one of your teammates a free mud mask. And if that doesn’t work, then grab a Traveler beer from the MuckFestival Area and join us again next year! We’ll be #MudZone ready; will you?

In honor of Bernadette


San Francisco Mucker, Tina, shares with us a small glimpse into her sister’s life after living with MS for almost five decades. Her experience provides a long-term perspective on how MS affected one person, her family, and her friends. 

My sister Bernadette lived with Multiple Sclerosis for close to 50 years. My sister passed away in 2014 at the age of 69 years. Participating in MuckFest® MS 2016 is something that would have brought her a big smile and many laughs.

The impact of MS was most tangible in terms of mobility and freedom. During my sister’s life, the effects of MS changed a lot from its earliest expression as intermittent stumbles and falls. Through the years she experienced the gradual diminished use of her legs resulting in the need for a cane, then  crutches, and ultimately an electric wheelchair. The impact of MS was hardest in terms of interacting in a world not particularly friendly to a wheelchair. One area of great happiness for my sister was world travel and cruises. Until the symptoms of MS became too severe, she enjoyed many years working as a travel agent. Her core support group through the years were women who became close friends from sharing travel – they call themselves the “Cruise Girls.”

If you want to stay engaged in the world, there are all manner of things you just have to have in place. It’s easy to not notice the independence of walking, driving a car, hopping in a cab, or taking a bus/train/plane …freedoms we often take for granted. In the latter years of living with MS, mobility and freedom was enjoyed by my sister through the use of a very nice electric wheelchair and a wheelchair van. These two things enabled her to go out shopping, get to appointments, have lunch with friends, and catch a movie or concert. When she could no longer drive, a driver was needed. She was blessed with wonderful friends, family, and a wonderful husband who made sure her needs were met.

My sister lived in a lovely suburban neighborhood in a good sized Midwestern city. Her neighborhood did not have sidewalks. Therefore, in order to just go out for a “roll” on a lovely day, she had to enter the street. Approximately 1/2 mile from her home was a lovely park with a free art museum and nice café. It’s a place that people enjoyed very much. I remember trying to go there one day with my sister – it was sooo close! After navigating the traffic on the street, we came to the sidewalks with no curb cuts for access. What was an easy 15-minute stroll for me was a 45-minute dangerous obstacle course for my sister. I didn’t think about those difficulties she experienced every day until I walked along with my sister that day.

My sister also addressed ways to remain independent in her home. The 1970s ranch-style home had to have many modifications. These included, entry ramps, wider doorways, and a no-threshold shower. She had shop hoists and ceiling tracks installed so she could self-transition from her wheelchair to sit in the family room in a lounge chair, to get in and out of bed, and to use the restroom. It was important to her to make these physical modifications in order to support her sense of dignity and independence.

When I would visit from California, I tried to think up gizmos and ways to make things a bit easier for her. As the fine motor control in her fingers diminished, she had difficulty holding objects. She really enjoyed popsicles – but could no longer hold one. And, it isn’t a popsicle if you eat it with a spoon! I made her a popsicle holder with some foam and a wooden clothespin. It made her laugh and it worked! She had safety bars in her bathroom, but could no longer get a good grip. So, I went to a bicycle shop and got some high-quality handlebar tape. It cost $14 and she was really concerned about using such an expensive tape, but I didn’t care. And after 5 years, that tape was still going strong and providing a safe non-slip grip! My sister began suffering from leg cramping and spasms. They started using some silver duct tape to help keep her foot in place on the wheel chair pad. On one visit to see her, I noticed she had upgraded to leopard print duct tape! It reminded her of the animals she saw on her trip to Kenya.

There were many challenges and difficulties associated with MS for my sister, our family, and friends. It was not easy. But it was an experience that showed all of us how many things really can be done that do make life a wee bit easier and fun.

Despite the barriers for being out in the world, my sister militantly refused to see herself as disabled, handicapped, or sick. Through the years she experienced many additional health and medical challenges including breast cancer and severe asthma. Yet, she absolutely refused to be emotionally and physically knocked down. And this inner strength was part of the bond she shared with others around her who also had challenges and difficulties. My sister was generous and she often gave her time and energy to help others. She consistently gave to several groups that helped children without families and animal rescue organizations. I remember years ago when I was in a very difficult time and my sister said, “Just go out and help someone else.” My sister possessed a strong positive attitude in the face of being dealt many challenges.

Bernadette’s primary support group through the years included the steadfast and consistent relationships of family – her husband, along with our father, mother, and brother. Her network of friendships was drawn from friends from high school, college, work, and travel. Her core group of friends made a concerted effort to come together at her home to just enjoy each other’s company. This type of social time helps so much to prevent isolation that can result from living with MS.

My sister also enjoyed the consistent help of a housekeeper/driver who was a true friend. Plus, she enjoyed the affection of the next door family with 2 young girls who grew up with Bernadette. Since my sister had no children, this bond was very important to her and gave her much joy.

I did not know anything about MuckFest MS until my best friend Dianna invited me to do it with her this year. As soon as I saw what it was, I was “all in.” I am happy to be raising funds for MS research. Plus, I get to bond and identify with the MS community that understands so much of my story. And who can say no to a chance to slog through some mud and laugh in honor of their sister?


Lil’ Muckers Area

Just because your kids aren’t old enough to run the course doesn’t mean they can’t join in on the fun. In our free Lil’ Muckers area, kids can play in the mud, too!


With MuckFest® MS San Francisco coming up next weekend, we had our mascot, Puck the Muck Duck, put together a list of his favorite places to play when he’s not rolling around in the mud in the Bay Area!

Let yourself be a tourist for the day and check out San Francisco’s most crooked landmark.


Lombard Street is known as one of the most crooked streets in the world and also one of the must-see streets in the area. This winding one-block road will take you down eight sharp turns as you make your way from top to bottom. If you’re up for some pre-muck exercise, you can take the trek from bottom to top, but don’t expect Puck to join you. He’ll fly from overhead and cheer you on.


After a long day in the mud enjoy a hot meal in Chinatown.


You can guarantee you won’t get bored discovering all that San Francisco’s Chinatown has to offer. We know Puck doesn’t! And with it being the oldest and largest Chinatown in North America you can turn a trip here into a day of sampling delicious food.


You might recognize this iconic spot from the opening credits of a popular 80’s TV show.

painted ladies.PNG

This long strip of beautiful Victorian houses is painted with bright colors and known as the Painted Ladies. Not only have they been featured in numerous different media, they are best known for being featured in the opening credits for the popular show Full House. So take a drive in Alamo Square and take in the scene. You might even find Puck trying to find an orange one!


Check out the most vibrant view in the Bay Area.


The first thing many Muckers think of when someone says San Francisco is the Golden Gate Bridge! And rightfully so, this 4,200-foot-long bridge is an iconic part of the Bay Area and one of Puck’s favorite aerial views. No matter which side of the bridge you’re on, the scenic view is breathtaking and might even be better than the view from the top of Crash Landing! If you have an hour, Puck recommends taking a stroll across the bridge for a MuckFest MS warm up!


Thought you saw some nutty stuff at MuckFest MS? Head over to Fisherman’s Wharf.


While the Wharf is a big tourist stop, there is no better way to keep your team laughing than by sitting out by Pier 39 to watch the sea lions. These playful and sometimes noisy sunbathers lay out on the pier in groups and provide endless entertainment for onlookers. For Puck, these guys are his favorite partners in crime for drying out his wings after a nice dip in the bay.



At MuckFest® MS, we pride ourselves on having unbelievable amounts of muck. That means there are more opportunities to get muddy than you could ever imagine. And with great mud comes great responsibility…to get your teammates covered from head to toe! Here are seven of the best places at MuckFest MS to accomplish this goal.

  1. Mucking Corral


The MuckFest MS starting line might just be the muddiest of them all! Our Mud Master will get you and your team covered in mud before you even get on the course. With pre-run games that involve giving strangers muddy hugs and diving into mud puddles, you can guarantee that the Mucking Corral is just the start to your mud filled day.

  1. Triple Pits


Make your way up and down our large mounds of mud. With each one even bigger than the last, you are sure to get covered in mud while climbing over these hills. Can’t make it over one? Look for a helping hand or just relax in one of the muddy pools in between your mountain treks.

  1. Big Balls


If you thought you’d get a break from the mud, you’d be wrong. Right after Triple Pits, you’ll encounter Big Balls. These nine swinging balls are likely to get you slipping and sliding in the mud until you get to the other side. But watch out, if you’re not careful they will most certainly knock you right into our pits of muck.

  1. Skid Mark


We like to make sure you get covered in mud from head to toe, so that means we have to have obstacles that get the job done from all angles. Skid Mark will get you on your back to pull yourself through a trench of muck and you won’t come up very clean.

  1. Belly Crawl


Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about your front side! As soon as you finish Skid Mark, you and your team will be crawling on all fours through a tunnel of muck because let’s face it, mo’ mud, mo’ fun.

  1. Finish line


It’s your team’s last stop on your journey through the muck, which means it’s your last chance to make sure you’re extra muddy for your finish line photos. So, don’t waste the opportunity to make sure you are your muckiest.

  1. MuckFestival, Refreshed by Traveler Beer


You finished the race, you showered off, and now it’s time for a refreshing Traveler beer! But wait, while you’re walking to the festival the thought of waiting another year to play in the mud makes you overcome with sadness… That means it’s the perfect time to find a fist full of muck and treat a teammate to one last mud mask!

You came, you conquered, and now you have to wait until next year to take on the mud and muck again. So, get your team and pile into the car and head home for that long hot shower you deserve. P.S. You might need more than one until you’re completely clean. Hey, we said playing in the mud was fun, not easy to get off every inch of your body.