Muck-tastic Thanksgiving Dessert Recipes

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, the promise of delicious turkey and mouth-watering potatoes are only days away. So wow your family and friends with these mucky holiday dessert recipes…we guarantee that your family will thank you for sharing homemade chocolatey goodness.

Post a photo of your completed dessert in the comments, and maybe you’ll inspire Puck the Muck Duck to not bring store bought cookies to the Mucky Ducky family dinner again this year.

Mucky Mousse Cake Recipe

Don’t be intimidated! This recipe is far easier than it looks and will surely impress your friends and family this holiday season. Just don’t forget to save yourself a slice, because it’s too good to miss!mouse



MuckFest® MS Muck Pie Recipe

Trick your family into thinking you went to pastry school with this delectable Muck Pie recipe. While you may need to prepare this dessert a couple days prior to Thanksgiving to allow ample time for creation and perfection, it will be 100% worth it once your family takes their first bite!cake



Dirt Cups

A sure winner with the kids in the family, dirt cups might not sound appetizing, but wait until you see their mucky cuteness! This quick and simple recipe will take you no time at all if you forgot to make those artisan cupcakes for your loved ones.cups


Image courtesy of: Shari from Shari Blogs… all things simple & delicious!

Reese’s Muddy Buddies

Muddy Buddies is an amazing snack to bring to a holiday party or Thanksgiving dinner. Be sure to save some for yourself because before you know it the bowl will be empty! reese


Image courtesy of: Trish from Mom on Timeout Blog

Mississippi Mud Cookies

An easy and delicious twist on the Mississippi Mud Pie that your family is sure to love! These awesome cookies are Puck the Muck Duck’s favorite.cookies


Image courtesy of: Sandra from A Dash of Sanity Blog

Traveler Beer + MuckFest MS = Perfection

As we wash off our muddy shoes from our LAST MuckFest® MS event of 2015 (lookin’ at you, Houston!) – we here at Traveler Beer got a little bit nostalgic for this summer.2015_MFMS_DEN_GF_0067Sure we may have had 50 degrees and wind in Boston, a thunderstorm delay in Chicago, and even flooding in St. Louis, but we traveled across the country and got to meet thousands of Muckers all coming out for the same great cause – kicking MS in the you-know-what. In all of our travels, our thoughts always came to the same three things:

  1. You Muckers know how to have FUN! Now we’ve been to some crazy events – we’re a beer company with a mustache seesaw after all – but we’ve never seen more muddy tutus in one place… ever! For that matter, muddy costumes in general. Each and every one of you always had a smile on your face and laughed your way through even the toughest of obstacles. Heck, some of you were even drinking a Traveler Beer BEFORE you ran! Now that’s a sign of a good time right there.


  1. Camaraderie: MuckFest MS runners are the epitome of teamwork. You guys were always there to help out a fellow runner, no matter what. The stranger in front of you with the feather boa and custom “MUCK MS – This is for Mom” shirt is too nervous to jump off the platform into the “Muck Off” obstacle? No problem. No one jumps ahead, everyone encourages her, and some even do it with her.


  1. You guys LOVE Traveler! This was our first year being available nationally, and you ladies and gents welcomed us with open arms. We’re a craft twist on the traditional shandy, and so many of you guys couldn’t get enough of it! The thousands of beer garden conversations were insightful, inspiring and definitely entertaining! Mustache seesaw, anyone?

2015_MFMS_NJY_GF_0271To everyone who stopped by and enjoyed a pint with us this summer, thank you. We genuinely enjoyed each MuckFest MS moment and learned so much about your stories and passion for kicking the muck out of MS.

To find Traveler Beer in your neck of the woods, click here.2015_MFMS_PHL_0295Cheers!

First. Last. BEST!


The FIRST MuckFest® MS Houston ever was also the LAST event of the 2015 season. And so, it was quite fitting that Houston was the BEST for more reasons than we can count. The day started brisk, but turned beautiful, brightened by sunshine and powered by a truly remarkable enthusiasm for mud. The down and dirty shenanigans began, (where else?) at the Starting Line in the muddiest Muckin’ Corral of the season.

Houston muckers let their fun flags fly with some of the most creative and inspiring teams and team get-ups of the season. Out on the course, we loved watching teams conquer the Slither: belly-crawling, serpent-like, through the thickest, gooiest mud we’ve ever seen. And afterward, with the muck scrubbed off, you celebrated with gusto in the MuckFestival area, making it truly a party to remember.

Big thanks to one of the largest and hardest working volunteer groups of the season. The inaugural MuckFest MS Houston was a smashing success because of your generosity, hard work and dedication. Thanks also to the Royal Purple Raceway for being such a great event site host and for providing that incredible Texas mud.

Now that it’s over, we can’t wait to do it again in 2016. We’re also coming to Dallas next year, so let your out-of-town friends know. Save the dates!

MuckFest MS Houston: Saturday, October 15, 2016
MuckFest MS Dallas: Saturday, October 29, 2016

Registration and event details coming soon!

A special message from the Texas Office of the National MS Society. Thank you for coming out and making MuckFest MS Houston such a great success. We would like to thank all the runners, volunteers and staff who came out to run, help and support each other this weekend. Every day of the year, we work hard to support people living with multiple sclerosis. There is still time to support the mission behind the “muck” and help us reach our fundraising goal. Make a donation online at or call us.

Top Fundraising Individuals and Teams*

Individuals (Amount Raised)
1. David Crowley ($3,030)
2. Jason Warshaw ($2,135)
3. Veronique Nydam ($2,118)
4. Butch Lanclos ($1,615)
5. Katherine Crowley ($1,350)

Teams – Captains (Amount Raised)
1. Pine-ing for a Cure – Catherine Ehlinger ($5,860)
2. More Fun than a Barrel of Muckeys – James Bogardus ($4,005)
3. Mudder Muckers – Aaron Farrill ($3,501)
4. Boo’s Mucking Squad – Casey Simmons ($3,378)
5. Mucky Monsters – Veronique Nydam ($2,763)

*as of 9:30 a.m. Central, November 17

Muck Royalty: Erin Dorn of MuckFest MS Chicago

We are honored to sit down with Erin Dorn of MuckFest® MS Chicago. To date in 2015, Erin has raised over $26,000 for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Her team, Erin’s Mudskippers, has raised a jaw-dropping $45,000. She and her teammates are truly Muck Royalty.

MuckFest MS Chicago

Q: Why did you initially sign up for MuckFest MS?

A: I decided I needed to do something positive with my diagnosis. MuckFest MS interested me because it was physical, involved a group of friends and family, and it was a little outside my comfort zone. I hadn’t done an obstacle mud run before. It sounded like fun.

Q: What does MuckFest MS and the National Multiple Sclerosis Society mean to you?

A: It means more awareness for a disease that many people hear about but don’t really understand. Creating awareness means potentially quicker diagnosis for people with symptoms, funding for support programs, and more research for treatment and potential cure.

Q: You and your team have done an INCREDIBLE job with fundraising for the National MS Society. What is your advice to a first-time fundraiser?

A: Don’t be afraid to tell your story and be a little vulnerable. People can’t donate if they don’t know about the event and bringing the personal perspective to the cause increases donations and gets people talking. I asked for donations, but also encouraged my family and friends to be a part of the conversation and tell their families and friends facts about MS. I also suggest using your talents and being creative. One of my team members is a professional photographer. He set up a booth at a company event and offered professional head shots with all proceeds going to MuckFest MS. It was very successful!

MuckFest MS Chicago

Q: Tell us about your MuckFest MS team’s growth from 2014 to 2015.

A: I was unsure that anyone would join us for 2014 and thought it might be just my husband and me. But we started telling people about it and had 9 brave team members in 2014. Everyone had such a great time, they started sharing stories and pictures of the event with friends. This year we started recruiting earlier and had a team of 50 Mudskippers! I have been told that they are already telling their friends and family about it in anticipation of next year. I will admit that it takes a lot of proactive communication and reminding to get people to sign up. Don’t be afraid to find ways and opportunities to remind people of the event for signing up and donating. It will be fun to see what 2016 looks like for us.

Q: What was your favorite new addition to MuckFest MS in 2015?

A: The giant Triple Pits!

Q: If you could share one message with all Muckers, what would it be?

A: The obstacles in MuckFest MS may not be anywhere near those we face in real life, but something about completing the course and obstacles makes you feel just a little more confident about conquering the next real life challenge. We often times cannot control the muck life throws our way, but we can control how we respond. MuckFest MS offers a way to connect with others, celebrate our strengths, and respond in a positive way to the challenges of MS.

MuckFest MS Chicago

MuckFest MS Houston: Team Captain Spotlight

Today we are excited to hear from team captain, Veronique Melita Daniza Nÿdam, of the Mucky Monsters as she shares her story of why she recently got involved in the first ever MuckFest MS Houston and tips on how you can too!

MFMS-2015-SocialSquare_Quote_VeroniqueMelitaDanizaNÿdam (1)

In the summer of 2013, I started dating my boyfriend. He was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis shortly after we started dating and was very reluctant to share anything with me, be it emotions, the progression of his disease, what sort of damage had already been done to his nervous system or what this diagnosis meant for his future. I did not have a lot of knowledge about the disease and was not very familiar with it. Following his diagnosis I started doing research and educating myself.

Through my research, I learned that there are more ways than one to contribute to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. I had decided to participate in the BPMS 150 with my mama after we did some training, and I was very happy with my decision. It was not until I was watching an episode of The Bachelor on ABC that I became aware of MuckFest® MS. After seeing the episode, I decided that MuckFest MS Houston was going to happen – whether my boyfriend liked it or not!

To me, MuckFest MS is an opportunity to get involved in a community that deals with a very serious issue in a positive and energetic way. Through MuckFest MS, the National MS Society receives funding for research and programs. For example, my boyfriend goes to yoga at the Society headquarters in Houston every Thursday. Without events like MuckFest MS, the National MS Society might not be able to host these kinds of programs. MuckFest MS and the National MS Society demonstrate hope for a cure and provide support and guidance for people facing this diagnosis for themselves or a loved one.

What is my advice to a first-time fundraiser? Email your mama. No joke. Even if you don’t have a lot of personal contacts or correspondence with a lot of people, your mom might! I sent my mom an email to raise funds and asked her to pass it along. In less than a week, I raised $735 from 11 different donors. From there, I started to post on my Facebook page and spread awareness through social media. I also used an online barcode generator to create a quick and easy way for people to access my donation page from their smart phones. I took the barcode and made business cards that I passed out to my friends and coworkers.

The most important thing in fundraising is persistence. Do not give up and keep reminding people that you are fundraising. Do not just ask for a donation, explain why, where their money is going, how it is going to help, and tell them what the cause means to you. It makes it more personal, and the people that you know and love will be more inclined to make that donation.

At the first-ever MuckFest MS Houston, I can’t wait to observe the shenanigans! I decided that our team name would be Mucky Monsters. My boyfriend has a strange obsession with zombies, therefore we will be the un-dead Mucksters. I cannot wait to see the obstacles, meet fellow Muckers, and feel the excitement of a group of people who have come together for a common cause and are genuinely excited and happy to be there!

Also, did I mention that my teammates are everything? I may be the team captain, but there is no possibility for a team without my teammates. My boyfriend will be participating with us, and he will be rocking his “I Muck It With MS” Bandana! He is my motivation, and without him, I would not have learned what I have, and I would not be such a driving force with my fundraising and team recruitment.

Also, my mama is of course getting mucky with us! Without her help, I would not have been able to raise half of the funds that I have to date. She is always willing to support me and my endeavors, and although she is not particularly thrilled about being wet and muddy in the cold, she is going to be there, un-dead and all (she’s not particularly thrilled about that aspect either)! My little sister will be joining as well. She is incredibly driven! My boyfriend’s family will also be participating with us. They are so supportive, and although it was my hair-brained idea to sign up for a mud run in November, they have only had positive things to say!

Muckers, thanks so much for reading my story. Live the Muck Life, and do not worry, be Mucky! No matter what obstacles or unexpected twists end up in your life path, there are always people and organizations that will open their arms to support you and help you through. Never Muck Up!

Learn more about the Mucky Monsters!

Cheesesteaks and Muck – What an Awesome Time

David Osmond was at MuckFest MS

Recently, I headed out to Philadelphia for the weekend.

First stop, Jim’s Steaks on South Street because how could I go to Philly and NOT get a cheesesteak?! The rest of the weekend, I dedicated my time to a cause that is truly important to me: supporting the multiple sclerosis community.

Early that Saturday, I headed over to Ellis Preserve for the annual MuckFest MS Philadelphia. I had attended several Walk MS events before, but this was my first MuckFest MS, so I had some uncertainty about what it would be like.

I spent the morning hanging out with my new friend, Al Emerick, the event’s emcee. What a great guy! We hung out at the starting line getting the crowd pumped up before they headed out on the course. Al has a great sense of humor and loves to get people relaxed and really dirty before they even start the run. I would say he is a pretty compelling emcee since he convinced me to dive into the mud even though I wasn’t even running the 5K, haha. Check out my before and after pics here.

I spent the rest of the day kickin’ it with the MS’ers and their families and friends. I teamed up with my friends at Novartis so I could share my relapsing MS story with the crowd from their booth. I also had the opportunity to sing a song I wrote called “I Can Do This.” It is my mantra. Whenever I struggle with my condition or any other challenges in life, I sing it to remind myself that I CAN do this. If you did not have a chance to hear me sing it live or need some inspiration in your life, you can download the song for free here.

Thanks to everyone who made my first MuckFest MS such an awesome and fun experience. I definitely felt the love in the city of brotherly love. I am really grateful to have the opportunity to support such an important cause and meet so many new friends. Till next time, remember that you can do it.

David Osmond

[Learn about David’s Our Voice In Song campaign]

Candy Silverman, MuckFest MS LA Mucker

We’re excited to sit down with Candy Silverman from MuckFest® MS Los Angeles team AIS Mind Over Mudder.

MuckFest MS Los Angeles

Q: How did you first get involved with MuckFest MS?

A: I first became involved with MuckFest MS last year. My Mom has multiple sclerosis, so this is a cause very near and dear to my heart. I have done several Walk MS events in the past. However, when I saw that MuckFest MS was coming to Los Angeles, I knew it would be a really fun event, and I wanted to get my company involved. It’s a wonderful way to raise awareness for this great cause and have some fun with co-workers!

Q: What does MuckFest MS and the National Multiple Sclerosis Society mean to you?

A: Hope! Hope for a cure. Hope to help. While we’re all looking for that cure, the National MS Society provides fantastic support for the millions of people living with MS today.

Q: What tip do you have for a first-time Mucker?

A: Most importantly – Don’t be afraid. I am not in shape and was extremely intimidated by the obstacles at first. It truly isn’t difficult though! If you are like me and not ready to run the obstacles, take your time and just have fun out there.

Q: Tell us about your team!

MuckFest MS Los Angeles

A: This is the second year for AIS Mind Over Mudder. We are a team made up of co-workers, family and friends. Some of whom have MS or have family members with MS. All of us support this wonderful cause to find a cure.

Check out this great video of Candy’s team!

Q: What was your favorite moment at MuckFest MS Los Angeles 2014?

A: The starting line! The mud and laughter were flying before we even started.

Q: If you could share one message with all Muckers, what would it be?

A: Get ready to get muddy! Make sure that you are telling all your friends and family what you are doing – even ask them to join you. Don’t be afraid to email everyone you know asking for donations. I know that not everyone is comfortable asking for donations, but you never know who has been affected by MS in some way or another. You’ll be surprised at the amount of money you can raise just by asking.

We’ll see you and our other Los Angeles Muckers at MuckFest MS LA on October 24th!