MuckFest MS 2015 Series

MuckFest® MS is the fun mud and obstacle 5K for everyone. If you can laugh, you can do it. No special training required. Have a blast on mountains of mud and 18+ outrageous obstacles that will spin, swing, and fling you and your teammates up, down, and sideways. The event is built for laughs, but we’re also on a serious mission: to support people living with multiple sclerosis and to bring us closer to a world free of MS. And you’ll feel great knowing that 100% of your team’s fundraising dollars support the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Check out our 2015 series information below, and register today at!

Series infographic about MuckFest MS, a mud obstacle 5K fun run.

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BEHIND-THE-SCENES: MuckFest MS Featured in January 26th Episode of ABC’s Hit Romance Reality Series The Bachelor

Last night on ABC’s The Bachelor, six spunky contestants got dirty while competing for newest Bachelor Chris Soules’ attention out on the MuckFest® MS course.

In case you missed it, here is a clip.

MuckFest MS + The Bachelor Blog Post

After opening a date card that said “Let’s get dirty,” the six contestants donned pristine white wedding dresses and boarded a jet from Wheels Up to Northern California. After a limo ride, contestants were surprised by MuckFest MS emcee Al Emerick with the news that they’d be running a customized MuckFest MS Bachelor mud obstacle course – in their wedding dresses! The winner got a dream date with the Bachelor at the historic Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco. The five less-fortunate contestants showered off, donned white fluffy robes, and flew directly back to The Bachelor mansion in Southern California.

 MuckFest MS + The Bachelor Blog Post

The mile-long fun run course featured ten obstacles, including Triple Pits, Big Balls, Walk on Water, Spider Web (over and under), Mt. Muck-imanjaro, The Spinner, Swing Set, Skid Mark, and Belly Crawl.

MuckFest MS + The Bachelor Blog Post

The MuckFest MS team worked closely with the show’s producers to ensure that microphones and cameras could capture the fierce competition and mucky hilarity that ensued. The team also made sure the course was extra mucky for the contestants in their wedding dresses.

MuckFest MS + The Bachelor Blog Post

The day of the filming, production staff captured the ladies completing the mud obstacle course with bachelor Chris Soules, riding with their cameras between obstacles on gators driven by MuckFest MS production staff.  Bachelor Chris was a total gentleman and helped several of the contestants across the muddy finish line.

MuckFest MS + The Bachelor Blog Post

By showcasing the MuckFest MS mud obstacle course on The Bachelor, we’re proud to raise awareness for the mission of MuckFest MS: to raise funds to support the 2.3 million people living with MS and to bring us closer to a world without MS.

MuckFest MS + The Bachelor Blog Post

About MuckFest MS

MuckFest MS is the fun mud and obstacle 5K for everyone. No special training required. Runners have a blast on mountains of mud and outrageous obstacles. The event is built for laughs, but it’s also on a serious mission: to support people living with multiple sclerosis and to bring us closer to a world free of MS. Runners sign up at Benefiting the National MS Society,


How to Stay Mucky During the Off-Season

On Facebook and Twitter, we asked our muckers, “How do YOU keep the MuckFest MS spirit alive during the winter months?” 

Below are some great ideas on ways to stay mucky during the off-season!

MuckFest MS Spinner

Playing outside with the grandkids. Developing future muckers!” –Daniel M.

“Who says there’s an off season?” –Ryan S. 

“Outdoor recess duty in the wintertime! Messier than you might expect!” –Julia F. 

“I train at Unleashed in Warwick RI around 3 days per week. They offer exercise classes specifically to prepare for obstacle course racing, as well as general fitness classes that are head to toe workouts. It’s a year round adventure for me.” –Stephanie S. 

“Just because it’s cold, [there’s] no reason not to get outside and exercise! It toughens you up. My friends and I often say that after the conditions this past year for MuckFest MS, there’s not much that we won’t run outside in.” –Michael F. 

“Wow. Good for you guys! MuckFest MS…I keep the spirit alive by eating mud pie and awaiting the fun of the run!” –Samantha G.Samantha Gonzalez's photo.

“Amazing things happen when you just ask.” –Michael Pierce, MuckFest MS Denver

We reached out to one of our first-time muckers, Michael Pierce, to chronicle his first MuckFest® MS Denver adventure. He answered some questions before the event and after the event. Check it out!

Pre-Event Questions

MuckFest MS: What are you most excited for at your first MuckFest MS event?

Michael: I just want to know if I can make it through all of the obstacles! I’ve never done an event like this, and I’m excited to see if it lives up to all of the fun I see people having in the pictures. I’m also really excited to see just how many people attend this event.MuckFest MS Blog - Denver - Michael Pierce  

Who is your inspiration for participating in MuckFest MS?

Michael: My Mom is my inspiration. She was diagnosed with late-onset MS a few years ago, and this event perfectly brings together my love of running and desire to do something to honor her. Since I was little, she has always taught me the power of independent thought and action. She put herself through college by working days and going to class at night, and she was the first in her family to get a college degree. From there, she went off to Germany to teach. All of this happened at a time when it was very unusual for women to do these types of things. It’s made her struggle with MS that much harder to witness, because of the impact it has had on her independence, in thought and in action.

What is your number one fundraising tip?

Michael: The one thing I have learned leading up to this event is the power of connection – amazing things happen when you just ask. No matter how long ago or how recently I’d spoken to someone or how deep or new the friendship might be, so many people responded to my requests for support – I was astounded. I set what I thought were lofty goals – a team of 10 people raising $2,000 – and was blown away by a team of 38 people raising over $7,100.MuckFest MS Blog - Denver - Michael Pierce

Post-Event Questions

MuckFest MS: What was the most memorable moment at your first MuckFest MS event?

Michael: It actually happened the night before the event, while many of the team members gathered to “carb load” (really just an excuse to eat pasta and drink great wine). Two of our team members couldn’t attend the dinner, but I received a text that simply said, “We are ready,” with a picture of the shirts they made for MuckFest MS. They had spontaneously decided to write “Muckin’ for Mike’s Mom” on their shirts – and the entire team embraced it. I was quietly participating in this event to honor my Mom as my own personal thing. To have the entire team embrace her in such a public way completely blew me away. The best part was my Mom was able to attend the event and got to personally see that we were all running for her.

MuckFest MS Blog - Denver - Michael Pierce

MuckFest MS: What was your favorite obstacle?

Michael: That’s a tough one, because they were all fun in their own way. I’ll have to say the Swing Set, because it was so much fun to launch yourself off of it and into the water – it was like being a kid again. Also, after a long uphill portion of the course, the Swing Set was the beginning of going downhill to the finish line.

MuckFest MS: If you could give one piece of advice to a first-time mucker, what would it be?

Michael: Kneepads. Or long pants. My knees took a beating. Really, what I would tell them is that it’s an incredible amount of fun. You think it’s going to be fun, and all of the pictures look like a blast, but you really won’t understand how much fun it really is until you get out there with a bunch of your friends. Can’t wait for next year!

 BeforeMuckFest MS Blog - Denver - Michael Pierce

AfterMuckFest MS Blog - Denver - Michael Pierce

Thanks for giving us insight into the musings of a first-time mucker, Michael! We can’t wait to see you and your team next year!



Mucker Q&A – Mindy Davis, Just Mucking Around, MuckFest MS Los Angeles

We’re excited to chat with Los AngelesMindy Davis from team Just Mucking Around.

MuckFest MS: What are you most excited for at your first MuckFest® MS event?

Mindy: I am really excited to participate in Los Angeles. First, the cause is extremely important to me. Second, I’m excited for the fun my team is going to have. We are all first time muckers.

MuckFest MS: What is your number one fundraising tip?

Mindy: Don’t be afraid to ask!

MuckFest MS: If you could share one message with all muckers, what would it be?

Mindy: Have Fun. Laugh. Fall in the mud with a friend!

MuckFest MS: Who is your inspiration for participating in MuckFest MS?

Mindy: I was just diagnosed earlier this year. I am inspired to show my three children that nothing is going to change their mom.

We’re inspired by you, Mindy! See you out there on October 25th at the first-ever MuckFest MS Los Angeles!

Mindy would like to give a special thanks to her husband, Darren Davis, who has been incredibly supportive and committed to fundraising. She’d also like to thank her children, Tonya, Darriana, and DJ, for spreading the MuckFest MS excitement and for their help with team building and fundraising. As they like to say, “Woo hoo, another donation for the MuckFest MS team!”


MuckFest MS Los Angeles - Mindy

MuckFest MS Los Angeles: Team Men at Twerk, Ross Girard and Scott Backman

We’re super excited to chat with Ross Girard, team captain of LA’s team Men at Twerk, and one of his teammates, Scott Backman.

First off, meet Ross Girard.

MuckFest MS: What made you first decide to do MuckFest® MS?

Ross: I was hanging out with a few members of my kickball team. We play in a gay league, and our team is also named Men at Twerk. We were talking about how we’ve always wanted to do a mud and obstacle run – an athletic challenge that is fun and a bit out of the ordinary. I got an email from the National MS Society about MuckFest MS, and the rest is history. Seriously, it’s such a fun way to raise money to support the fight against MS, which is a cause that I’m very passionate about. I’m lucky to have a great group of friends who quickly came on board to support the cause and take part in the event. Also, a shout out to our female teammates! We’re not all men on team Men at Twerk – we’ve got some ladies too!


MuckFest MS: Why is supporting the National Multiple Sclerosis Society important to you?

Ross: A close family member of mine has been living with MS for much of her adult life, and I’ve seen firsthand how unpredictable and scary this disease can be. The work that the National MS Society is doing both for research and in helping people living with MS is really fantastic, and I want to do whatever I can to help support the organization and their efforts.

MuckFest MS: What are you most excited for at MuckFest MS Los Angeles?

Ross: I’m excited to get muddy, of course! I love a good challenge, and I’m really looking forward to pushing myself and my teammates to get through the mud and obstacle course. Most of all, I’m excited for the experience we’ll have together and for being able to spread awareness about MS Continue reading

One Step at a Time: Laurieann Hart, Team Monster Smash, MuckFest MS Los Angeles

Meet Laurieann Hart, one of our awesome Los Angeles muckers from team Monster Smash.

MuckFest MS: Why did you initially decide to register for MuckFest MS?

Laurieann: My initial reason for registering for MuckFest MS? Because I CAN. This phrase is one I use daily in my life. I have relapsing-remitting MS and was diagnosed in 2009. Learning to cope with the symptoms and diagnosis was tough. I struggle with pain, numbness, weakness, fatigue, loss of vision, dizziness, and cognitive issues.

MuckFest MS: Why do you support the National Multiple Sclerosis Society?

Laurieann: The National MS Society was and is a HUGE support to me. I have received physical and occupational therapy through their programs as well as cognition therapy. I have attended helpful seminars, received needed publications, coaching and overall support. The National MS Society is there when I need them. Knowledge truly is power, and you just can’t put a price on the information and support they provide, not to mention treatments as a result of dedicated research! 

MuckFest MS: What is your number one fundraising tip?

Laurieann: I reached out to close friends and family. Another huge supporter of team Monster Smash is my husband. My husband is my biggest cheerleader and knows no stranger, and he has done more than half the fundraising. He works with a lot of small family businesses and also utilizes relationships from other points in his career.

MuckFest MS: If you could send one message to all MuckFest MS participants, what would it be?

Laurieann: I am truly living optimally with MS and am always willing to test my limits. Why not have fun with it and raise money and awareness for the cause? Especially since I CAN. Team Monster Smash thanks you for being an inspiration and helping us to smash out this MonSter as we run, swing, climb, crawl, fall, roll, and MUCK in the mud together. If you don’t have a team for MuckFest MS Los Angeles, please join us on Monster Smash!! :)

I look forward to the event itself and taking on one unfamiliar obstacle at a time, just like I do in my daily life, one step at a time

Mucker Q&A – David Cooley, The Revolutionists, MuckFest MS Los Angeles

Meet David Cooley, a fundraising rock star of The Revolutionists and first-time mucker who will be taking on the course at the first-ever MuckFest® MS Los Angeles.

MuckFest MS: What’s the story behind your team name?

David: My wife, Jodi Michele Cooley, has an MS Blog called MS Revolution, so I thought I’d incorporate her name for my team.

MuckFest MS: What initially made you decide to register for MuckFest MS?

David: I participated in a mud event last year with my childhood best friends. I loved it. I was looking to do another type of race and saw an ad for MuckFest MS LA, and I was in!

MuckFest MS: Who is your inspiration for participating in MuckFest MS?

David: My wife Jodi. She is the strongest, most positive person I have ever met. I have sat in awe of her many, many times. For 10 years, I have been watching my wife suffer and struggle with this disease. I’ve been sitting on the sideline whining about her plight and shaking my fists at the heavens, and I got sick of it – I decided I would finally do something about it. This MuckFest MS run and fundraiser is my first step.

MuckFest MS: You are a fundraising rock star. What is your number one fundraising tip?

David: I decided to not be afraid to ask anyone. I didn’t just ask, “Hey, wanna donate to a cool cause?” I used my personal story to ask for help. I also remind people and tell my friends who are fundraising to remind people of the personal nature of their donation request. Sadly, most people have someone in their life who suffers from MS, so I found they either used my wife or someone else they knew as inspiration for their donation. 

Also, this was a posting I put on my Facebook as an example:

“I realize how powerful the ice bucket challenge has been to raise money for ALS.  These days there are many such causes with each of us giving where we can. My case is close to home. I am in the middle of my own fundraising efforts to help my wife. My wife Jodi has suffered for over 10 years from Multiple Sclerosis. I have sat back for years watching and complaining but doing nothing. Not anymore! I am entered in the 2014 MuckFest MS. Please help me raise money to find a cure. If you can, please donate today.”

I then added my link to donate and have been shocked by the response!

MuckFest MS: As a team captain, how do you motivate your team to fundraise?

David: Similar to the above, I told them to ask, ask, ask. Anyone. Anywhere. Worst thing they say is no, and then you move on. I’m also hoping to do a lemonade stand with a few of the participants’ kids to get them involved as well.

MuckFest MS: What are you most excited for in your first MuckFest MS event?

David: Simple. Laughter, giggles, and lots of mud!!!! My niece is flying out from Boston to join me in the race, and I can’t wait for her to play as well.

Great advice, David! We’ll see you, Jodi, and The Revolutionists on October 25th!

UPDATED 1/9: David’s motto for 2015.

“I hope that in this year to come, you make mistakes. Because if you are making mistakes, then you are making new things, trying new things, learning, living, pushing yourself, changing yourself, changing your world. You’re doing things you’ve never done before, and more importantly, you’re Doing Something. So that’s my wish for you, and all of us, and my wish for myself. Make New Mistakes. Make glorious, amazing mistakes. Make mistakes nobody’s ever made before. Don’t freeze, don’t stop, don’t worry that it isn’t good enough, or it isn’t perfect, whatever it is: art, or love, or work or family or life. Whatever it is you’re scared of doing, Do it. Make your mistakes, next year and forever. Neil Gaiman

Puck the Muck Duck Questionnaire

What do the famous French writer Marcel Proust, Robert DeNiro, and our very own Puck have in common? Aside from their notable artistic achievements and having sandwiches named after them, they’ve all completed a confession album, most often referred to as a Proust Questionnaire. Here’s what our “Duck of the Muck” had to say:

MuckFest MS Blog - Duck in Beer hat

What is your idea of perfect happiness?

Mud, water, and beer, not necessarily in that order.

What is your greatest fear?

Not enough mud, water, and beer.

Which historical figures do you most admire?

It used to be Francis Bacon until I discovered that he wasn’t responsible for inventing my favorite food.

Which living person do you most admire?

My dad, who is a bit daffy.

Which words or phrases do you most overuse?

“Indubitably” and “Can I get ketchup on that?”

What is your greatest extravagance?

Baths of Red Sea mud flown in from Djibouti every Friday. I also like saying, “Djibouti.”

What do you dislike most about your appearance?

That it makes so many others so envious.

What trait gets you into the most trouble?

My fowl mouth.

When and where were you the happiest?

About five minutes ago, right before you asked me to answer this questionnaire.

If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?

I would really like long eyelashes.

If you could change one thing about your family, what would it be?

Less odd ducks and quacks. Sorry.

What do you consider to be your greatest achievement?

Probably my Nobel Prize in Physics or being able to hold a beer with my webbed foot.

What is your most treasured possession?

A 19th century duck bill polisher from France that Napoleon used on his nose.

On what occasion do you lie?

When people ask to borrow my duck bill polisher.

What do you regard as the lowest depth of misery?

The off-season when there are no MuckFest® MS events, and most Mondays.

Who are your heroes in life?

I would say it’s the runners living with MS and their teams of family and friends who muck it out on the course.

What is it that you most dislike?

The phrase, “Last call, the beer garden is closing.”

If you could get a tattoo, what would it be and where would it be placed?

It would be a poem by Ogden Nash and it would be on my neck and probably my chest, I think, because the poem’s kind of long and my neck is kind of short:

Behold the duck.

It does not cluck.

A cluck it lacks.

It quacks.

It is specially fond

Of a puddle or pond.

When it dines or sups,

It bottoms ups.

What is your motto?

Mucketo ergo sum, which is Duck Latin for, “I muck it, therefore I am.”